What are lace front wigs and how to use them?

Do you know  that lace front wigs are quite popular among women? If you want to know more about them, please read on. A lace front wig is a type of wig that has a transparent mesh at the forehead area. It allows you to have more styling control over your hair and make it look as natural as possible. This is usually used for special makeup and special occasions such as weddings and parties.

In this content, you can know What is lace front wigs are and how to use them perfectly. After reading this content you can use them without any hassle. So, without any hassle let’s start with the main theme of this item.

Types of lace front wigs.

In the market, there are many types of lace front wigs. Among them two main types are available. They are as follows:

(i) Mono Part Lace Front Wig: In this type, a piece of hair is attached to a single base which has an adjustable strap at the back side.

(ii) Side Part Lace Front Wig: In this type, a piece of hair is attached to two bases which has an adjustable strap at the back side.

Difference between Mono Part Lace Front Wig and Side Part Lace Front Wig.

There  is a huge difference between these two types of lace front wigs. The main difference is that the wig has only one mono part and has two inside part wigs.

Furthermore, in the mono part lace front wig, you can control hair by single base but you cannot perform it with double bases. But inside the lace front wig, you can control hair by two bases.

How to measure lace front wigs?

Lace front wigs are available in many sizes and colors just like human hairs. As it is made of pure human hairs so the size may be different according to the size of your head. If your head measures 22 inches circumference then you need a 22 inch lace front wig.

Moreover, many people don’t consider this important step of measuring the size of your head which causes them to feel that lace front wigs are not perfect for them. So, follow this step carefully before buying it.

How to use them perfectly?

There are some simple processes to do this method. Here they are:

Step 01:  You have to wash your hair with shampoo which is manufactured for human hair. This will clean the dirt off your head.

Step 02: Now you have to dry them completely. It is important because excess moisture may damage the lace front wig after wearing it.

Step 03: You can apply a little quantity of olive oil or some serum on your Hair. This is to make your hair smooth and soft.

Step 04: Now, you can wear the lace front wigs and style them as you like.

Lace Front Wig Care Instructions

It is necessary to provide proper care and maintenance services for lace front wigs. Because if you don’t take care of them properly then they might damage quickly. So, keep these point in your mind:

(i) Never sleep with wet hairs as they may slip from the base. You can avoid this by drying your hair completely before sleeping.

(ii) You should use the proper brush for cleaning your lace front wigs. Avoid using large or hard brushes.

(iii) Do not expose your lace front wigs under the sun for a long time because it may damage the structure of your hair.

(iv) You can use a wig stand to hang them. This will keep them away from dust and dirt particles.

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