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What are the best page niches to make money on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram money-making is a real job in 2021 and there are multiple reasons you should start your page too but, this article is not for discussing the reasons to start your page and is not even near to a motivational article. So, stay tuned with me as in the next few words I will be dropping huge value bombs on you including priceless information that you will get nowhere else. 

Niching out a page is extremely important when it comes down to making money on Instagram and you cannot just spit out posts that don’t make any sense to a particular category of audience and it has its disadvantages too. For example, no one is buying a gaming system that you have your affiliate branding with if you are promoting it on a fashion and lifestyle page further it might decrease the engagement of the page if someone indulges in such foolish activities. That is why you don’t see Kylie Jenner promoting Microsoft CD keys.

The next thing that matters the most in Instagram is the likes and comments by which the advertiser judges your page’s performance before coming to any brand deals with your page.

If you are just starting out you can use Buzzvoice for organic likes and comments which comes with a 30 days retention guarantee. You can even Buy IG likes from Buzzvoice.  

Here I am listing a few page niches which have proved  page niches which have proved to be the most profitable over time:


This page niche needs no introduction if you are even aware of Kylie Jenner then you might be aware of her cosmetics brand kylie and she charges a whopping amount if you want to even advertise on her page and mind it she will just put your product on here page for maybe an hour. If you are okay paying that much hefty to advertise on her page for an hour then go ahead.

By the way, the biggest brands are ready to work with her and also, a quick tip: Kylie started as a drop-shipped product.


Let us face the fact, Instagram is a photograph centred app or platform and everybody loves to see touristy pictures so, this might be your secret high ticket niche. There are multiple affiliate programs available that will not only pay you to promote their deals but if you have high engagement and following then you might be gifted some amazing all paid trips too. 

This cannot be any better, right? I know.


If you are into gadgets and the latest iPhones or Galaxy S21’s make you drool then you should start a tech review page right now. Not only will you get to review amazing products and also own some of them but, there’s an added advantage that you will have the hands-on latest gadgets before others. Isn’t that amazing?

 This gets even better as you can charge a hefty amount to review products with the right engagement and following.


If you want to start an evergreen niche page and you have a wicked sense of humour then this might be the best niche for you as you can make people laugh and earn money too with the right following and much better if you can maintain a community. As this is a page with a mixed following you can promote multiple products and earn money without any specific audience in mind. But, generally, the engagement is low on these pages too but, you will have many more deals than others to make up for that. Your pay per post will be lower.


This is the page niche in which you can choose any of the above niches but you will not have to create content and you can just repost others content by crediting them in the description. Just like the meme page, this will also have less audience retention but, once you grow a following and for this type of page sites like Buzzvoice comes very handy for instant likes and comments.

The low retention can be made up by taking paid reposts and you can have lots of them.

These are a few of the most profitable niches that you should work on if you want to make it big on Instagram and earn a handsome amount. For a kickstart, you can always use paid likes and shares from Buzzvoice and start your journey.


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