What Are the Best Sports to Bet On in 2022?

Several sports matches, tournaments, and events are organized in a single calendar year. Due to the high demands of the games in the audience, it opens a new door for people to make money through gambling and sports- betting. But the blind betting on any game may lead you to lose all your savings. Hence, before joining the platform to make a passive income, go through this article till the end. We have listed the top 5 best sports to bet on in 2022 for taking a smart move to mint the money.

Top 5 Best Sports to Bet and Win in 2022

There are a lot of sports available on sportsbooks for different bets. But very few gain the attention of punters due to having a huge fan base and being globally famous. So here, we have opted for the top sports to bet on, followed by the popularity and the demands among players.

1) Football

Football is most popular worldwide and has gained many followers around the world. Therefore, being a famous sport, it makes betting simple and easy. Nowadays, sport is available virtually on every betting site with multiple betting options to opt for.

Since football is a renowned sport, it is more beneficial for the punters to bet. Due to the game’s popularity, many online sportsbooks compete for the attention to wager on it by alluring them with favorable odds for sporting events.

You can easily bet on football, on a straight win, a handicap, a straight draw, a double chance, draw no bet, or other alternatives. Before betting on a sport, you must have sufficient knowledge of the league, sport, or team to win. You can practice on SBObet to test your skills and make some money.

2) Horse Racing

It is another most popular sport in the field of betting. Horse racing betting regularly offers excellent odds. Another reason behind choosing Horse Racing as one of the best sports to bet on is; the widely available live coverage of the race. It makes you feel like you are right there.

This is true because of the prominence of BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) promotions, which are different from these races and give a huge strategic advantage. Apart from the strategy part, it always makes you feel the purest form of sports betting for many punters.

The pros of Horse race betting are that it has massive live streaming and unique and vital promotions. The only cons horse racing has; is that it needs intense research for the smartest bet.

3) Tennis

Tennis is the most electrifying and enthralling sport when it comes to betting. The punters have high expectations from Tennis. The most significant advantage of Tennis is that it is played two-on-two or one-on-one, which increases the percentage of winning.

You can put money in various segments such as overall win, sets, and at different points of the game. Punters can choose different pairs of combinations and bet their money. In Tennis, you can place a bet during live coverage. It allows flexibility in selecting different combinations.

4) Cricket

Cricket is the second most popular game played around the globe, followed by Football. It is incredible and the world of the most preferred sport to bet on. In Football and horse racing, you will find only one form, but Cricket is available in several forms. The forms are Test Cricket, Twenty20, 50-50 Over Match, IPL, World Cup, and many series tournaments. Some dedicated cricket betting sites allow punters to choose what type of Cricket they want to bet on.

Cricket is deep and strategic. A wise selection of well-thought cricket markets makes you understand the game from different angles. You must choose the best betting site that ensures all the updates and details you need are delivered across long matches.

Cricket betting helps you gain sports experience just like the other best sports for betting do, whether you win or lose. Cricket is the best sport to bet on with pros that are unmatched depth, a clever selection of markets, and enhances your understanding of the game.

Cricket has only cons, i.e., sometimes it may go too long. While betting on Cricket, you can go for innings runs, where you will predict the runs of the first innings alone. You can also bet on a team of top bowlers, where you pick the bowler that takes the most wickets. This way, even if the team loses, you will still win the bet. Additionally, you can go for the coin toss winner, where you can bet on the probable team to win the toss.

5) Boxing

Boxing is a bit different; it comes under the big money events. These types of sports often lead to lots of dedicated promotions for operators to stand unique from the rest. You can look for the boxing matches in the sportsbook to bet on. You can make a betting calendar as these events take place every year.

Boxing itself is a unique sport to bet on. Generally, live streaming of such fights is not available, so the best boxing betting sites can give the PPV (Positive Predictive Value) for a big fight.

The pros for this sport are it is a huge betting event and needs dedicated fight promotion and unique ruleset and betting markets.

The cons to betting on Boxing are it is uncommon compared with other sports betting. While betting on Boxing, you can choose the method of victory, i.e., betting on how the fight will end, either by decision or knockout. You can also go for round group betting to bet on when the fight will end rather than betting on who wins. Apart from this, you can bet on whether the fight will be an epic one or not.

Sum Up

Here are the best sports to bet on in 2022 and for upcoming years as well. But to find the best sport to bet for yourself depends on your interest and the market trends. You can bet on your favorite sports as long as you have deep knowledge and know-how to approach them. At last, always go with the right betting operator.


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