What are the Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in New Jersey?

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury and property damage. These accidents happen in New Jersey and throughout the world. In recent years, there has been a heightened focus on safety and preventative measures to combat this issue. However, they are still happening and often result in property damage, injuries, and financial losses. So, it is important that you speak to a Jersey City slip and fall attorney after you are involved in a slip and fall accident.

This article will briefly go over the causes of slip and fall accidents in New Jersey as well as some ways that you can decrease your chances of injury.

  • Wet floors

When it is raining or snowing, floors tend to get wet. This can increase the chances of falling by 50%. It is important to be careful on these types of surfaces and take extra precautions at all times. It is best to use precaution boards for wet floors, which will help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.

  • Loose floorboards

Loose floorboards are a common cause of slip and fall accidents. It is crucial to keep in mind that floors can become loose for a variety of reasons. This causes people to trip and fall, especially when walking on them. In many cases, the result is a personal injury claim.

  • Loose or bulging carpeting

Carpeting can become loose or bulge in many different ways. This causes people to trip or fall often when walking on it. It is important to use precaution boards in such cases to alert people about the danger and to prevent further injuries.

  • Spillages of food or liquids

Spillages can occur because of many reasons. It is important to clean the spillages quickly and in the proper manner to help prevent slip and fall accidents.

  • Potholes or cracks

Potholes, cracks, and other such issues in sidewalks can be dangerous. They are a common cause of slip and fall accidents because people trip when walking over them. In many cases, there is property damage, as well as injuries.

  • Uneven flooring or sidewalks

It is important to keep in mind that uneven flooring or sidewalks can lead to slip and fall accidents. They often result in injury claims as well because they are difficult to walk over and there is no way to walk across them without falling.

  • Exposed wiring or other tripping hazards

Exposed wires, nails, and other things can also be a source of slip and fall accidents. These accidents generally result in personal injury claims as well as property damage claims. It is important to watch out for such things at all times.

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