What Are the Different Materials Used for Printing of Banner?

Although the digital age has offered many eye-catching digital signages’ that can attract almost anyone, the market of banners still exists and it will continue to remain.  The reason is that these banners are easily portable, inexpensive, and need very little maintenance.

Banners can be used for any kind of indoor or outdoor campaign almost at any place. These days you can find different varieties of banners in Miami to meet your needs. You can also find several facilities for banner backdrop printing Miami

Generally, the following few types of materials are used for banner printing and each of them have its own special characteristics.

1. Vinyl

For banners, vinyl is one of the most popular types of material. Vinyl can be suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use, and also it is quite a cost-effective option as compared to other materials. Need high-quality printed products? Print in bulk printing partner is the right choice for you.

The banner can measure anything from 16’ X 50’ without seams, is usually digitally printed on a vinyl sheet. This material is waterproof, long-lasting, fade-resistant, and offers very sharp letters with bright colors. 

Vinyl is a quite tough material and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

2. No curl vinyl

Such no-curl vinyl will be 14 oz. vinyl sheets used generally for high-end banners and displays. Such banners can be ideal for any indoor use. You can also upgrade this material from its standard 13 oz. vinyl. 

You can make digital printing on no curl vinyl in full color. For installing any no-curl banner, you must use grommets and try to avoid hems.

3. Mesh

All mesh banners are usually printed by using any 10 oz. vinyl sheets. Mesh has a crisscross type of fibers that can make it wind-resistant, and also allow strong winds to easily pass through its fabric without creating any damage to the appearance of the banner and material. 

You may place the banner in a certain windy location by using any lightweight mesh vinyl sheets. Besides, the mesh has a much longer lifespan but can be an expensive option.

4. Polyester fabric

For both outdoor and indoor uses, the polyester fabric can be a great choice to make banners. This material is created by using a process of direct dye-sublimation printing. Here the inks will go through the fabric rather than staying on the surface. Such a polyester fabric will offer a high-quality feel and look to the banner. The best part about such material is that the scratch-resistant property can withstand any mild weather conditions too. 

5. Canvas

For any banner only for indoor use, the canvas will be the perfect material choice. Its texture is very similar to any painted canvas and usually used for any high-end display. 

You can print a canvas banner as large as 4.5’ X 10’, and install using sewn hems, pole pockets, and grommets. Because of this material’s semi-gloss finish, it will offer a professional look to the banner.

Today, even many churches and other religious institutions are also using banners to decorate their processions and their places of worship. 


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