What Are the Duties of a Commercial Plumber?

Commercial plumbers are primarily responsible for providing plumbing services to businesses and companies. The duties carried out by a commercial plumber are similar to those of a residential plumber but at a much larger scale. A commercial plumber might provide services for a restaurant, an office complex, or a retail mall rather than individual homeowners. This makes commercial plumbers the right choice for installing or repairing large-scale plumbing systems.

Responsibilities of Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers offer a large variety of plumbing services geared toward businesses and workplaces. Each plumber may have their own services, but they generally share many of the same duties as commercial plumbers. Here are four major responsibilities of a commercial plumber and the services they offer:

1. Installations

If you’re building a new workspace or having one built for you, a commercial plumber may be able to help. Commercial plumbers are capable of planning and installing new plumbing systems. Planning out a plumbing system involves determining where water is needed and how to get it there. This includes finding ways to install pipes in the walls while minimizing unnecessary twists and turns. Installing pipes around corners and at angles can often lead to more plumbing issues. Experienced plumbers understand the most efficient ways of planning and installing plumbing systems.

In addition to entirely new plumbing systems, commercial plumbers may also be able to install new appliances such as drinking fountains, sprinkler systems, or septic tanks.

2. Retrofitting

If your business is located inside an older building, commercial plumbers may be able to help retrofit your plumbing system. Retrofitting is the process of installing new features into a pre-existing plumbing system to improve its performance or longevity. This could mean installing a new part that wasn’t in existence when the plumbing system was originally installed. It could also mean applying new technology to older parts, such as installing a new sprinkler controller or updating old pipes with epoxy lining to make them last longer.

Retrofitting is a popular and often cost-effective alternative to replacing entire plumbing systems. A commercial plumber may also be able to help retrofit your plumbing system while causing minimal disruption to the daily operations of your workplace. Plumbers may also provide informed advice on the best retrofitting options for your plumbing needs.

3. Repairs

Even when plumbing is installed perfectly, repairs are often necessary. Water puts a lot of pressure on pipes and can wear them down over time. This can cause leaks to occur or pipes to break down, leaving residue in the water. If left unrepaired, water leaks can also cause mold or even structural damage to the building. Repairing plumbing issues as soon as you notice them is a good practice to avoid any further damage. A commercial plumber can assist with repairs such as pipe leaks, drain clogs, or broken hot water heaters.

Commercial plumbers are capable of helping with the kind of large-scale repairs that are necessary for buildings like restaurants and office spaces. These spaces often have more complex plumbing systems and require someone who has the resources and knowledge to repair them.

4. Drainage & HVAC Assistance

In addition to plumbing, many plumbers can assist clients with areas closely related to plumbing, such as drainage, HVAC, and sewage management. A commercial plumber can advise on the placement of drains, install them, as well as help clean them and remove drainage clogs. Many plumbers can assist with sewage management by installing septic tanks or taking preventative measures to avoid sewage backflow.

Various air management services are included under the umbrella of HVAC, including heating, air conditioning (AC), and ventilation. Not all commercial plumbers can provide HVAC services, though many are capable because of the similar skills necessary to install and repair these systems. If you’re contacting a commercial plumber to assist with your business place, consider inquiring about their HVAC services. They may be able to assist with furnace or AC management, air quality testing, or installing new HVAC systems.

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A commercial plumber can help with everything from installation to standard repairs in your office space, restaurant, or other facilities. If you need plumbing assistance for a space larger than a single home, consider reaching out to a commercial plumber who has experience working with large buildings.


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