What are the Four Main Categories of Criminal Defense?

People who perform wrong actions in the eyes of the law are considered criminals. However, some individuals claim to be wrongly accused. On the other hand, criminals who are about to go into trial should learn about the fundamentals of criminal law. 

Criminal Defenses are an important part of criminal law. It helps defend innocent people who are accused of wrongdoing. Criminal Defense also ensures that the right people are held accountable for a crime they have committed. 

In this article, we will first discuss what criminal law is all about. Afterward, we will discuss the Four Main Categories of Criminal Law. 

What is Criminal Law? 

Criminal Law ensures that people who violate the laws of a country are brought to justice. Whether through punishment or rehabilitation, criminals are first held in a court of law for a hearing to take place. Criminal Law requires the professional skills of lawyers that practice it as their services. 

Criminal Law is the part of a country’s law structure that directly deals with crimes. It includes all the actions of prosecuting any individuals that break the law. Criminal Law also deals with cases where people are falsely accused of performing crimes. It also covers all the punishments for people who perform related work parallel to the actions of a criminal. 

Are you an innocent individual accused of some type of crime or public wrongdoing? Then we recommend you contact a reputable criminal defense law firm that can assist in your defense. You see, when it comes to criminal law, you have the chance to prove your innocence before a final decision is made inside a court of law.  

Criminal Law serves to protect a country’s citizens from the actions of people perceived as threatening and harmful. It also prescribes misconduct that endangers the property, safety, health, and moral welfare of the entire population. To uphold criminal law, law enforcement personnel are tasked to catch suspected criminals before presenting them to a court of law. 

Inside a court of law, a judge will decide if a person or group of people are liable to punishment or rehabilitation. It is therefore important for all the parties involved to choose their legal representative that practices criminal law. As a result, all the relevant details, witnesses, and evidence can be properly presented inside the court.

What are the Four Main Categories of Criminal Defense Law?

Criminal law ensures that the entire population of a country is protected from the wrong actions of an individual or group of people. It also helps people absolve themselves from wrong accusations or frame-ups. Let us now discuss the Four Main Categories of Criminal Defense Law.


Pleading innocence is performed both by criminals and innocent people. A person who is wrongly accused of a crime requires the help of a criminal law attorney. They have to work around the clock to build an effective defense strategy that will hopefully bring closure to the case. 

Constitutional Violations

The welfare and human rights of anyone accused of a crime are protected by constitutional violations. Law enforcement personnel have limited abilities in accusing anyone or any group of a crime. Here are some examples of Constitutional Violations:

  • No Miranda Warning to the Defendant during their arrest time.
  • Illegal search and seizure of evidence
  • Pressurizing the defendant to do a coerced confession
  • Not Obtaining or presenting a warrant
  • Breaking the custody chain when gathering evidence


Self-Defense is a typical defense strategy in cases involving battery and assault. This applies to individuals who successfully defend themselves from an intentional attack. Self-Defense strategies also apply to the physical harm a person does to a victim after receiving violent threats.


Pleading insanity after a crime is committed only works when a person accused has a history of mental disorder. A criminal defense built from a claim of insanity should be reinforced by the statements of medical personnel, psychiatrists, and other professionals. It will only work if the victim is confirmed of an existing mental disorder. 


Criminal Law is the part of a country’s law that directly deals with crime. It ensures that people who violate laws are held responsible. Criminal Law also provides a platform where innocent individuals who are wrongly accused can mount a defense. 


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