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What Are The Methods And Benefits Of Curtain Cleaning?

Curtain and drapery cleaning is a big task that needs extensive time and effort. Your curtains can collect lots of dust, odour and dirt which in turn can spread diseases and infections. At Carpet Clean Expert, you can get professional curtain cleaning services in Gold Coast and curtain cleaning services in Sunshine Coast. Here are some methods which can clean your curtains in a good way.

  • Vacuum cleaning-With vacuum cleaning, you can eradicate loose dust and dirt with a brush attachment. It is an easy and cost-effective method that can give you the best results in substantially lesser time. Also, you do not have to remove your curtains from the rod.
  • Curtain washing-

Once extra dust and dirt are removed, you will need to wash your curtains for remaining soil, set-in stains, and odours. The first cleaning step is putting the drapes in your washing machine and washing them by setting a delicate cycle or spin. In case your drapes are delicate, then washing them with hands is a safe alternative. You can use a gentle and mild soap to prevent damage. If neither of these work, then you can use steam cleaning.

  • Blotting technique-

You need to check prominent stains on your curtains. If you find any stubborn stains, then you need to be cleaned with spot treatment. Blotting can work well on fabrics other than wool or silk. If you have curtains made of acetate, wool or silk, then you can use vinegar to blot the stains until they are gone.

  • Dry cleaning-

Light and delicate curtain fabrics can be dry cleaned to avoid shrinkage or damage. Especially, if you have curtains that have pleats, swags or any type of ornamentation, then steam cleaning is a perfect procedure for cleaning the curtains. Moreover, dry cleaning is a comparatively faster process that does not need excessive time or effort as it is done through professional experts.

  • Curtain press technique-

Some curtain fabrics are vulnerable to wrinkles and might look creased and wrinkled post drying. So, they need to be pressed with a particular temperature setting. In case you have a delicate curtain, then you can use iron from the reverse side of your curtain.

  • Roll method-

Certain fabrics such as wool, velvet, and various synthetic fabrics tend to attract lint. Use a lint roller to remove residue from the curtains regularly. This fast and simple tip will help keep your drapes looking clean and tidy. You can also roll heavy curtains that cannot easily be taken down.

  • Spray technique-

In case of curtain cleaning has not eradicated the foul odours from your curtain, then curtain spraying can be a good way of deodorizing your curtains. You get a wide variety of fragrances in fabric freshener sprays which can work instantly to clean unpleasant smells.

There are multiple benefits of getting your curtains cleaned thoroughly and professionally.

  • Eradicate germs and dirt from your curtains-

With time, your curtains might collect harmful germs or bacteria which can be harmful to your health. Also, your curtains stay hung on rods, they can collect moisture and also attract mildew and mould growth. The contaminants which stay back in these fabrics can hamper your health and also cause lead to respiratory issues in your body. Hence, cleaning your curtains is a must-do after regular intervals.

  • Extend the longevity of your curtains

Your curtains are a substantial investment. For extending its longevity, you need to clean and maintain them from time to time on a routine basis. After hiring a professional curtain cleaner, the curtains will be properly checked and cleaned as per your need and suitability. If curtains are cleaned by professional experts, then you can increase their lifespan by almost two or three times.

  • Give a rejuvenated look to your curtains-

Curtains need to be cleaned after every two years. If they are exposed to excessive smoke or heat then you will need to clean them more frequently. Deep cleaning of curtains will give your drapes a rejuvenated and fresh look in no time. So, for a refreshed and new look at your curtains, get them cleaned by experts.

  • Eradicate pet hair from your curtains-

Pet hair and tend to cling to your curtain fabrics, and make your curtains appear dirty and also triggers allergies in them. Also, your pet debris can stay back in your curtain and its smell can linger in your home. With professional curtain cleaning, you can remove this unwanted pet hair and debris from your curtain and stay away from allergens and the risk of infections. Also, if you have more than one pet, then you might need to clean your curtain more frequently to prevent your curtain from getting dirty.

  • Eradicate foul odour and bring in fresh fragrance-

Curtains are vulnerable to trapping odours, especially in properties that have pets, smokers or other strong smells of chemicals. You might try to hide the smell with a room freshener, but it is not enough to mask the odour. Professional curtain cleaning can eradicate the foul odour right from its roots and replace it with a fresh smell. For this, you need to get the curtains deep cleaned and use a gentle cleaning agent and technique for eradicating any smell from its roots.

So, if you have curtains in your home or office which need to be cleaned, then call our experts from Carpet Clean Expert and get end to end curtain cleaning in Sunshine Coast and curtain cleaning in Gold Coast. Our experts will consult with you, inspect your curtain and carry out suitable cleaning processes for eradicating the dust, dirt and allergens from your curtains.

Also, our staff is punctual and can reach your place at the given time of your convenience and carry out the task within the given framework. So, reach us now and schedule your appointment for curtain cleaning in Gold Coast and curtain cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

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