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What Are the Perks of Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a unified suite of digital marketing applications that helps businesses with everything from email and social media marketing to mobile and internet advertising and audience development. It allows marketers to set up and automate specified user journeys, which opens up a new realm of automation.

Further, it enables a true single-customer perspective of your audience, simplifying the development of highly personalized, profoundly relevant journeys across all digital platforms.

Businesses that implement Salesforce’s marketing platform see a 43% improvement in ROI from their marketing initiatives, as well as a 44% rise in lead volumes. This article will examine the immediate benefits your sales and marketing teams may reap from implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Activation Studio.

Take advice from your clients.

How often do you rely on educated guesswork to make crucial marketing decisions? The answer can be found in Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. The goal of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud was to give marketers more control over the paths taken by their customers by gathering and displaying consumer information in a manner that was both relevant and informative.

Being able to put yourself in the shoes of your consumers and potential customers paves the way for you to craft content that is more tailored to their specific needs, interests, and concerns.

Marketing Cloud reveals not just what your target audience has done and how they have behaved in the past but also what they are likely to do in the future.

Create more personalized experiences

Personalization is the secret to a successful marketing campaign, and marketers know it. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be the engine that propels your personalization initiatives forward. You can program various actions — including personalized messages — to respond to certain prospect triggers to lead them down the sales funnel.

That effectively ends the practice of sending out mass emails at will. You can tune in for certain cues that warrant a certain action instead.

Communicate with the end goal of customer satisfaction in mind.

Timing is a major factor in personalization, and it isn’t just as important as understanding a prospect’s goals. You can have the most effective marketing messages in the world, but they will be completely wasted if they are sent at the incorrect moment.

As it relates to upselling and cross-selling to existing consumers, this is of special importance. Let’s say you’ve got a customer having difficulty communicating with your accounts team because of a recurring problem with their service or the terms of their contract.

No matter how beautifully you craft an email describing renewal alternatives, those customers will ignore it. Salesforce Marketing Cloud simplifies accounts’ current satisfaction levels into marketing activity planning.

Take charge of your customer’s experiences

To succeed, every marketer prioritizes putting the consumer first. However, the entire procedure has a much greater impact when it is based on the customer’s preferences, as indicated by their past activities and behaviors.

Consider the case of a consumer who only buys discounted products; in this case, wouldn’t it make sense to ensure they Are always aware of your most recent sales and discounts? Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you achieve this by using predictive analytics.

Salesforce has updated their Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud with new capabilities today. More advanced identity resolution and conversational ads intelligence tools will be available to marketers, allowing them to better communicate with their target audiences.


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