What Are The Pros & Cons Of Bing Ads In 2021?

There is no doubt that Google has always dominated the search industry. But with over 1.08 bn monthly worldwide visitors Bing is the second largest search engine. PPC advertisers who use Bing Ads will definitely know how powerful this search engine is in 2021.

However, every platform has some positive & negative sides associated with them. We will discuss the pros & cons of Microsoft Bing Ads that will let you know how good that is for your business.

Bing Ads – Overview

Bing search engine was launched in 2009 rebranded by Microsoft. In recent stats, the average monthly search volume on Bing is 500 million from the US according to statista.

With the advantage of the Yahoo search engine, Bing is continuously emerging with new features and the latest trends. Bing pay-per-click (PPC) ads are powered by the three search engines: Bing, Yahoo & AQL.

What Is The Pros & Cons Of Bing Ads?

Below we have discussed Bing strengths and weaknesses for advertisers.

Advantages of Microsoft Advertising

Low Competition – Advertisers prefer to use the Google search engine more than any other. There is a great chance that your competitor might not be using the Bing search engine. A smart move is to use the opportunity as soon as your competitors.

Easy To Rank – Difficulty of competition increases when there is a huge number of competitors. As Bing has a low level of competition that means the chance of ranking on Bing is not so difficult and you can easily rank on it. That’s how you can promote your business on Bing in 2021 easily for maximum reach.

Higher Engagement – Bing search engine has a lower number of competitors that increase the chances of conversion. In a study, it has been found that Bing has 20-40% higher conversion rates as compared to Google AdWords. There are the chances there your competitors are not on Bing.

More Control – Microsoft Advertising offers more control over the ads campaign. Advertisers can easily tweak the existing Bing campaign by creating the new one. It allows more targeting options, greater transparency, social extension, and demographic targeting.

Import Google Ads Campaign – The advertisers have the option to import the Google AdWords campaign to their Bing Ads campaign. Users can import only those Google Ads campaigns that are giving some positive results.

Cost-Effective – Another major benefit of using Bing Ads is that higher click-through rates (CTR) with low cost-per-click (CPC) results in better ROI. New & small businesses use Microsoft Advertising without stressing o the budget. Also with Bing Ads Promo Code you advertisers can get a special discount on it.

One Ad Multiple Platform – Microsoft Advertising is powered by the three search engines Bing, Yahoo, & AQL. When the ads are run on Bing Ads then it will be shown on the other three platforms also.

Disadvantages of Bing Ads

If you have ever thought that why is Bing not as good as Google for advertisers then here are some of the weaknesses of using Bing Ads.

Less Traffic – To be honest Google attracts more than 3.5 billion of search traffic per day. Bing is far below this range with almost 900 million daily searches. This is one of the downsides of using Microsoft Advertising that it has a small market share.

Limited Geographical Presence – Another major disadvantage of using Bing Ads is that it has a limited geographical presence. The market share of Google is almost 70% whereas Bing has only 13.31%, with that it has a limited geographical presence.

Low CTR – The majority of traffic prefer to use Google than any other because of the vast result and features. Bing has lower traffic that clearly signals to the low click-through rates than Google.

Which Is Better Google Ads or Bing Ads?

Google & Bing Ads are considered to be one of the best search engines in the industry. Both provide some of the unique and great features at a different pace.

One can’t simply say one is the best because Google has huge traffic to target, Bing has low completion and is easy to rank.

So, it depends on the individual and not on any words of mouth.

Conclusion – Pros & Cons Of Bing Ads

Microsoft Advertising is a great platform for marketing and promotion. There are lots of amazing features with the Bing ads for the advertisers. Bing has the lowest competition and great chances of ranking. With a better targeting option, Bing offers granular control on the ad campaign.

However, there are some disadvantages also over Bing Ads for the advertiser but not as bad to ignore such a good platform. It has great growth potential and is growing continuously that it can’t be ignored.

So, relying on a single advertising platform is not a good choice and you must also grab other opportunities.


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