What Card Games Can Be Played Online?

Playing a card game is a traditional pastime that is very popular in India. In the past, these games have been created for people to play when they meet up. This could be at a family gathering, a party or somewhere else when people come together for enjoyment.

However, thanks to online gaming, those who wish to play more can now do so, instead of waiting for the next gathering of friends and family. When you go online, there are many options for what games to play, so you can either go with your favourites or choose to try out something new.

If you are heading to a casino and looking for a game to play, then here are three card games that are popular with online casino players.

Teen Patti

Arguably one of the most loved Indian casino games, if not the biggest game that is played in the country. Despite not being as popular elsewhere, there are many casinos that offer real money Teen Patti games for players online, so you can get involved whenever you like.

These games are put together on casinos and are in the live section. This means the games are managed by a dealer who is in a studio, and they will talk you through the games, hand out the cards and work out the winners.

The good thing about this is that the game still maintains some of the social aspect it has, even though you are playing online against strangers. Given the popularity in India, this will be popular with players but there is still a lot more work to do, if this game goes worldwide then the Teen Patti offerings online could grow to a whole new level. When you look at poker and the World Poker Tour, this is what a big worldwide game can look like, Teen Patti may one day replicate that.


Blackjack is a really popular casino game but one that really requires you to play against a dealer to get the best from it. For this reason, there aren’t too many people who get the chance to play other than those who are regular visitors to casinos.

Online gaming solves that, offering a place for players to enjoy blackjack, taking on real life dealers in the live gaming section, or playing the computerised standard versions. There will be some players out there who have never played blackjack before, and if you are one of them then it is a great game to go and enjoy.

Andar Bahar

The final game to look at is another traditional Indian game and that is Andar Bahar. This game is a very simple, easy game to understand and is basically a 50/50 choice game. With simplicity the key, this is a game that players can enjoy from anywhere. With the world turning to mobile, and many lifestyle news pieces showing that industries are utilising mobile phones, the casino industry needs to do the same.

Andar Bahar is a game that you can not only play online, but you can also play on mobile, and thanks to that, it is a very accessible game for those who want it. 


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