What Causes Sleepiness? How To Rest Better For More Energy

If you’re waking up tired every morning, chances are something is going wrong with your sleep schedule. A healthy sleep schedule is going to ensure you’re able to maintain high levels of energy every day, which is going to help you stay more present whether you’re at work, or out with friends.

So what causes sleepiness? Turns out there are many lifestyle and personal factors that can influence the amount of fatigue you experience through a day. Whether you’re wondering what causes sleepiness in your own life, or you simply want to try and figure out whether or not it’s time to invest in a new hybrid mattress, here’s everything you need to know about waking up for better sleep.

Lifestyle Factors That Cause Tiredness

If you’re trying to figure out the lifestyle factors that cause sleepiness, there’s plenty to factor in. An erratic work schedule, night terrors or other interruptive sleep disorders, and high periods of stress can also contribute to excessive sleepiness.

Learning how to manage your stress can help prevent you from waking up tired every morning. There are a couple of different strategies you can use in order to ensure you’re able to get a good night’s sleep. These include improving your sleep set-up, developing a mindfulness practice, and building on healthy sleep hygiene habits can help you when it comes to developing a better night routine.

Medical Conditions That Cause Excess Sleepiness

There are more than a few medical conditions which list excess sleepiness as one of their main symptoms. Diabetes is one such disease, but excessive sleepiness as a result of hypothyroidism or hyponatremia is just as common.

If you feel like your excessive sleepiness is a result of more than just inadequate rest, it’s well worth investigating this with your physician. If you’re experiencing three or more of the symptoms of any of the above listed disorders, it’s well worth having a check to see what the underlying issue might be.

How To Stop Waking Up Tired

If you’re seeking solutions for better sleep, then there are a couple of different strategies you might be able to trial. Here are some tried and tested ways to improve your sleep –

  • Mindfulness: Developing a daily mindfulness practice can help bring a lot of balance and calm to your sleep routine. When you’re working on mindfulness, it’s important to remember the most important way to build your routine is to try and stay consistent – regular mindfulness has been proven to minimize stress and anxiety.
  • Avoid Caffeine After Noon: The caffeine in your afternoon cup of coffee has the potential to stay in your system up to eight hours later. This can cause serious interruptions to your sleep cycle, and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep later in the evening.
  • Stay Away From Blue Light: We all have internal body clocks, also known as our circadian rhythms, that control when we feel sleepy and when we don’t. Our circadian rhythms are particularly influenced by light – everything from the glow of our phones to our laptops can work to disrupt our sleep cycles. That means you’re going to end up waking up tired, even when you think you’ve had a full night’s rest.

Optimizing Your Sleep Set-Up For Better Rest

You’ll spend about a third of your life asleep, so it stands to reason the mattress you purchase is an investment that’s well worth making. Hybrid mattresses have become an increasingly popular choice amongst those looking to make an improvement in their sleep routines.

The reason hybrid mattresses are so popular is that they’re able to combine the structure and durability of traditional innerspring mattresses with the comfort and coziness generally associated with foam. If you’ve been waking up tired, you might find the added support of a hybrid mattress provides more restful sleep.

The best hybrid mattresses will contain a good balance of support and comfort that enable you to spend minimal amounts of time tossing and turning in bed before you wind down for sleep at night. When it comes to finding the right hybrid mattress, be sure to look out for companies that allow you to trial your new product before committing to it.

How Is Excess Sleepiness Treated?

If you’re experiencing a prolonged period of excess sleepiness, you might be wondering if there are any actional steps you might be able to take in order to treat this condition. Here are some of the most popular treatments when you find yourself waking up tired.

  • Optimizing your sleep set-up: One of the main ways you can ensure you aren’t waking up tired is to try and keep your sleep set-up as comfortable as possible. When you’re creating a sleep environment that is conducive to better rest, you’ll want to focus on every minute detail, from whether a foam or hybrid mattress works best for you, to the kinds of sleep accessories you might need to recover sufficiently from a hard day.
  • Consistent exercise: When you incorporate a regular exercise routine into your lifestyle, you’re going to find you’re able to supercharge your days with some energy. Try and exercise first thing in the morning for a boost of energy that feels comparable to drinking a cup of coffee to stop waking up tired.
  • Switching up your diet: If you’re constantly feeling drained or tired in the evenings, chances are your diet just isn’t working for you. If you want to stop waking up tired every morning, something you might want to consider is how you can add naturally energizing foods into your daily routine – these include bananas, eggs, and even dark chocolate if you’re looking for a sweet treat.

When you’re waking up tired each morning, it’s important you realize how often simple lifestyle changes can work to transform your overall energy levels. Once you narrow down what’s going wrong with your daily routine, you can think of actionable ways you’re able to deal with this, whether that ends up being a brand new hybrid mattress, or having a plate of eggs sunny-side up in the mornings. Figuring out what causes sleepiness is the first step to better sleep – you’ll be snoozing better than ever before you know it.


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