What do you need to know about Indian wedding dresses?

India has a unique culture and deeply rooted traditions, which are reflected in Indian weddings. Indian Wedding Dresses are designed to match traditional decorations and ceremonies. Indian wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and vary from state to state. Indian wedding dresses are filled with gorgeous embroidery, beautiful design, and decoration. Usually, the colors of Indian wedding dresses are red and gold but nowadays, Brides also like blue, orange, silver, pink, etc. A woman will look her best on her wedding day by wearing a wedding dress paired with wedding accessories and makeup.

Indian wedding saree are the new trends in the fashion world and has a huge demand on the market.

What do you need to know about Indian wedding dresses1

What are the different Indian wedding dress styles?

Engagement: Know that engagement is a simple function that doesn’t involve as much dancing as sangeet does. Blazers and pajamas are the most popular choice among millennials today for the bride and her relatives.

Sangeet and Mehendi: For sangeet and Mehendi, you have to choose something flowing and comfortable. Sangeet is all about fun and dancing and hence is messy. So you need to choose something lightweight and pair it with comfortable high heels.

Wedding: A wedding is an important day for everyone. So your dress selection must be gorgeous. Wear something that indicates the importance of the big day. Opt for thick floor-length anakalis or embroidered saree or lehenga. Brides must choose something unique and glamorous. It should be an outfit that stands out from the rest because it’s her evening and she has to look her best.

Why will you choose colors according to your skin tone?

Choosing the right color for your wedding has become one of the most challenging questions modern brides have to answer. The first way to minimize puzzling options is to know which colors will best complement your complexion.

Fair – Avoid wearing colors that are too dark as this will only take away the light from your look. Instead, opt for colors that make you look brighter and happier. You can choose peaches, oranges, fuchsias, or even yellows.

Olive – If you are blessed with olive skin, you can choose whatever you want; go for reds, auburns, blues, oranges, or anything under the sun. However, a bit of advice is not to go for neon colors as they might make you look dull. It can also totally kill your photos.

Dark – You can be the most seductive bride to get the right feeling. Choose subtle colors; go for wine, maroon, navy, dark green, etc.

What are the tips for an Indian wedding dress?

Before you set your heart to a particular style or pattern for your Indian Wedding Dresses, it is essential to understand what works for your body type and what doesn’t. For example, let’s say you have a heavy bottom and a slim top. In that case, make sure you wear a design that shows off your collarbone while you can wear a flowing lehenga. If you are short, avoid wearing a high neck as it can make you look shorter. If you are a summer bride, do not choose heavy velvet and silk embellishments. Not only will this make you feel uncomfortable, but it will also be incompatible with the feel of the wedding.


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