What equipment to start golf?

Golf comes first in the ranking of sports practised individually. If we wanted to summarize this sport which is practising in the open air, we could say that playing golf consists of hitting a ball so that it goes to lodge in a hole in a minimum of strokes. If you wonder what equipment is needed to start golfing, check out the list to get you started learning this fascinating sport. There is indeed a set of necessary equipment for any beginner golfer. Golf Guy can be a great guide in this regard.

Clubs to play: If you want to start playing golf, you have to buy a golf club. It is a material that serves to send the ball towards the hole with a minimum of strokes. There are several types of clubs. You also have hybrid clubs and woods. It is possible to change clubs according to your level (beginner, amateur, professional).

The bag for transport: There are three golf bag categories: the cart bag, the soft bag, and the tripod bag. It is using to transport your equipment when you go on the course (name of the golf course). First, you must say that the cart bag is the biggest. It can hold all the material like balls, tees, clubs, scorecards, umbrellas, brush, and clothing.

The balls to start the game: You can’t play golf if there are no balls. They are essential for good learning and better preparing for competitions. The speed of the ball often depends on the strength of the golfer. It is then up to the golfer to hit the ball more or less to put it in the hole. In golf, there are smooth balls and textured balls.


What equipment to start golf

It would be best if you had tees on you.: And yes, the tees are also part of the equipment to begin golf. There are two kinds: plastic tees and wooden tees. It is on the tees that the ball is placing at the start of the game. You have to have many of them because professionals can’t finish a competition without changing tees.

What accessories to start golfing?: Apart from the necessary equipment, there are also clothes that the golfer can buy. These are golf shoes. It is not an obligation to have them. It would still be interesting for a golfer to wear it during a game. Thanks to these shoes, the player maintains his balance. During harsh weather or crazy traffic, you’d wish you could continue your golf practice. Fortunately, you can now practice indoors with a golf simulator!


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