What is a kiss cut sticker?

We have seen making types of stickers in our daily life but do you know there are many types existing in them. One of the type is Kiss Cut Sticker. They are just like normal sticker but the special thing which make them unique is the square which is backing around them bigger than the sticker’s size. They can be cut to any shape and look exactly the same when applied to any surface. You can also get Custom Kiss Cut Stickers easily for your work and business promotion!

Let’s discuss some of the most used shapes in Kiss Cut stickers.

Production of square stickers

Square stickers are used, among other things, for closing letters, sending parcels and promotional purposes. The production takes place in our own printing company with the most modern equipment of high quality. The professional Mimaki printers make a razor-sharp print on vinyl rolls. Because the sticker roll is heated, the pores open and the ink is applied. The post heating ensures that the ink dries immediately. Then the rolls pass through the cutter, where the rolls are perforated into small sheets. Then the stacks of sheets go into the cutting machine where the stickers are cut to size.  

Square stickers are delivered on a sheet, loose or on a roll which can be cut easily. A small quantity is produced on international A4 sheets. Large print runs are produced on sheets and cut individually. The cut stickers are provided with a snap-on slit on the back, so that the sticker can easily be removed from the cover sheet.   Ordering such stickers can print different types of labels; made of vinyl (plastic), textile, doming (3D effect), aluminum, reflective, magnetic and static.

Rectangular stickers

You can get Rectangular stickers in large and small quantities and in any desired size. It is no problem to print full color or special color. Rectangular stickers are the cheapest stickers on the market and are available immediately.

Why rectangular stickers?

Do you have a logo or message and would you like to print it on a sticker? The best-selling product can be produced on international paper formats such as A4, on a roll or, if desired, in different sizes. Large rectangle sizes are popular and used for promotional purposes such as billboards and labels. 

Properties of stickers

Large and small rectangular stickers are produced in high full color quality with the latest printing techniques, which meet environmental requirements. 

Rectangular stickers are delivered on a sheet, loose or on a roll

These stickers are available in all sizes with and without rounded corners on A4 sheets, rolls or cut loose. Stickers on a roll can be supplied from 500 pieces and sizes from 40x40mm are supplied on sheets. Large format labels can be slit onto sheets or die cut with break slit on the back. 

You can get different types of rectangular stickers printed; made of vinyl (plastic), textile, doming (3D effect), aluminum, reflective, magnetic and static.

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