What is Fulfillment for E-Commerce and How to Find It?

Meest provides fulfillment for e-commerce and logistics solutions for entrepreneurs wanting to enter the US market. You have a chance to engage in sales and business development. And Meest Fulfillment will take care of the work with orders: from the storage of products to their processing and delivery.

What Is Meest Fulfillment for E-Commerce?

Fulfillment is the transfer to a fulfillment company of all routine processes for storing products, processing orders, and delivering to the end consumer. Fulfillment is a complex of services that consists of:

  • Warehousing of goods.
  • Receiving and processing orders.
  • Picking and packing orders.
  • Receiving payment from buyers.
  • Delivery of orders.
  • Working with returns.

Fulfillment is suitable for everyone who faces difficulties in warehouse logistics and delivery of goods. If you want to optimize your expenses and get a high-quality service, you should go to Meest US will do everything quickly, efficiently, and reliably. The company is responsible for the result under the contract.

What Does Meest Offer?

You’ll get a 30-day trial period for using the ecommerce order fulfillment services. The company provides whole storage and logistics services for your goods.

Collection of your goods: Supply a car to deliver your goods to the company warehouse. Reception, sorting, and labeling of goods.

Storage and accounting of goods: Your goods are stored under round-the-clock protection in the well-equipped warehouse of the ecommerce fulfillment center. You’ll get free storage of goods for one month. The accounting system and personal manager support 24/7.

Packing and shipping orders: Meest will collect, pack and deliver your goods to the recipient. They will check the receipt of the goods by the client and process the return if necessary.

Why Order Fulfillment Services from Meest?

Suppose a company has decided to outsource its logistics for the first time or is unfamiliar with the peculiarities of fulfillment. In that case, there are points that you should pay attention to when choosing a service provider.

  • It is necessary to find out what storage facilities and equipment the logistics provider has.
  • Since the range and cost of services vary among fulfillment operators, you should compare several offers from various service providers.
  • Feedback from other companies about cooperation with a logistics provider, the location of its warehouses, and experience with different types of goods should also be checked in advance.

For companies that want to find a suitable fulfillment operator, the Meest platform is the best option. The company experts will prepare an individual offer to solve the logistics problems of every business.


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