What is known about Exante broker: features and reviews

EXANTE Founders: Alexey Kirienko, Anatoliy Knyazev, Gatis Eglitis. 

But all this will not matter if there is nothing to trade with. This story is not about Exante, there is something to trade with and something to choose from. In the company’s arsenal there are about 150 thousand instruments. There are shares, bonds, precious metals, options, futures, hedge funds and much more.

Another distinctive feature is its own working platform, which not every broker can boast. But it is not just a customized terminal – it is also a state-of-the-art trading solution that real professionals will appreciate. And all this because it is designed exclusively for traders who want to earn a lot. You can customize the set of functions, the layout of elements and buttons. And you can see how it all works in the demo-mode, which is available to everyone who registers. You do not even need to make a deposit to get acquainted.

It is also possible to manage all trading instruments from a single account. And it is equally effective from both PC and mobile version.

It remains to study the terms of cooperation, to be exact, the commissions. As well as any broker, Exante has commissions, but they are charged only for 2 types of operations – withdrawal and trading. It means that you will have to pay the company only if there is a real result of cooperation. There are no additional fees for keeping an account and other services. The only thing that can slightly decrease the sum of income is commissions related to the choice of exchange and instrument, but it does not apply to payments to Exante.

There is no need to go into details, because you can see everything with your own eyes in a demo-mode or by following the link and studying Exante site. After that you will understand exactly why the company has so many positive reviews.

Researching brokers: what Exante offers, what customer reviews it receives

Review of brokerage company Exante: what comments can be heard, what conclusion can be made on their basis, is it worth to start the cooperation?

In today’s reality to find a partner you can trust is difficult, and if it concerns trading activity, sometimes even impossible. But Exante company ruins all the ideas that were before, because many clients are confidently call it the best and leave detailed positive feedbacks about Exante. It is worth checking whether it is possible to believe them – let’s study the activity of the Maltese broker Exante.

The first place among the arguments in favor of starting cooperation with a broker is occupied by the issue of licensing. Exante broker was registered in Malta in 2011, and also has licenses of Great Britain, Cyprus, Hong Kong. As the company is registered in Europe, it works under the MiFID Directive, which among other things is a guarantee of investment protection.

The next point requiring more detailed consideration are the trading conditions. And here in the case of Exante there is a lot to talk about. The first one is the number of instruments for trading. At the moment there are more than 150 thousand of them, which is a solid indicator. There are stocks, including ETFs, over fifty currency pairs, many commodity futures, bonds, options and much more. The second is that access to all of this comes from a single multi-currency account. If you want to know all the details about the technology used, you can follow this link.

The third point is the high-tech platform. It offers a wide range of possibilities for individualization. And all due to the modular system which forms the platform. This solution is innovative, because no other brokerage company offers such opportunities.

It is necessary to make a deposit to start work, and judging by its size, the broker is oriented on professional traders, who know exactly what they want to get from cooperation.

Study of Exante reviews allows to assert with confidence that positive reviews are real and they can be really trusted. Many clients note favorable trading conditions, a large choice of instruments and a convenient platform. Interestingly, there are also negative reviews, but they look ridiculous after reviewing the offers from the broker. And all because it seems that they were written by one person or a few people, as under copy.

That is to say, a detailed study of conditions, reputation can tell that Exante is a worthy partner, cooperation with which can be very profitable. We can only join those who recommend to begin work with this broker. Be confident, your funds are under reliable protection, and the technical support will always tell you how to solve this or that situation. The trading experience with Exante will be the best one you ever had.

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