Robocash Group Runs Pre IPO Round to Launch Its Philippine Neobank

What is Robocash and how it works? is a peer-to-peer crowdlending platform. Robocash comes from a larger holding company, the Robocash Group. The Robocash platform is run SIA Robocash, which is registered in Riga, Latvia. Most loans on Robocash are so-called payday loans, these are loans with which you can get by for the month, until the next salary comes. 

Buy back guarantee Robocash

All loans on Robocash have buy-back guarantees from the loan originators. In other words, the LO to which you lend money via Robocash guarantees that your loan will be repurchased no later than 30 days after the expiry of the term. 

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What kind of loans does RoboCash offer?

RoboCash only focuses on consumer loans. It still matters what type of loan you choose. At Robocash, a distinction is made between so-called ‘Installments loans’ and ‘Micro loans’. The micro loans in this case only last 7-21 days, so there is no secondary market or other exit strategy. The installment loans have a maximum term of one year. You can sell those loans in the meantime.

What are important features of the RoboCash platform?

RoboCash has been active as a crowdlending platform for many years. You can therefore assume that the platform is well thought out. RoboCash mainly distinguishes itself in terms of simplicity and convenience. That’s where the name comes from. Make money automatically. Which investor does not want? Below are some important features of the RoboCash crowdlending platform. You can know more about robocash loans by following the link

Secondary market

RoboCash offers various types of loans, including micro loans and installments. In the case of the latter, it is possible to sell the investments again before the end of the term. Since RoboCash is a relatively popular platform, it also seems that selling those loans is relatively easy.

Completely automated

Do you not want to spend hours looking for suitable loans? Then RoboCash is ideal. There is virtually no manual selection involved. You indicate in what kind of loans you want to invest, and what conditions apply. RoboCash then ensures that your investments are made and that you receive the interest on your account. You can also have all your interest income reinvested by means of an Auto Invest Tool.

BuyBack Guarantee

All Loan Originators from RoboCash offer a full BuyBack Guarantee to the investors. The BuyBack Guarantee starts as soon as a borrower is unable to repay the money to the Loan Originator within 30 after the expiry of the loan term. Investors are therefore a lot more certain of their income at RoboCash. Because unless the Loan Originator can no longer pay back the money, you will always get your money back with a so-called ‘faulty loan’.


Although you can never be completely sure of the reliability of a company, Robocash has a clear past. Under a different name, the company already has a history that dates back to 2013 and appears to have been profitable for several years. The company’s annual figures also consistently go up, which immediately increases the reliability of the company. Despite the fact that for many it is not the first crowdlending platform to emerge, for many it is an investment that feels safe.






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