What is The Best Way to Wash Your House?

House washing is essential in keeping your home free from dirt, allergies, and bad breathing conditions. You may have realized the importance of having a house washing procedure when washing your house. The outcome of house washing depends on the procedure employed. If you’re looking for the best house washing procedure, it is advisable to seek advice from an expert house washer.

If some areas of your house are unreachable, you should consider hiring a professional house cleaner. It is recommended to opt for a house washing company that specializes in house washing. One example of such a house washing company is Surepaint. These companies are better equipped to carry out house washing as they have professionals specializing in the same niche.

Maintaining the external appeal of your property is just as crucial as taking care of the interiors when it comes to improving its value. A clean, well-maintained exterior can significantly enhance the perception and overall worth of your property. Consider investing in professional pressure and power washing services to remove dirt, grime, and unwanted stains from your property’s surfaces, thus revitalizing its appearance. For more information, consider visiting this resource, which offers expertise in providing top-tier pressure and power washing services, ensuring that your property looks its best and stands out in the market.

Do You Have the Necessary House Washing Equipment?

For the best house washing, it is important to have the required equipment: pressure washers, wands, garden hoses, chemical sprayers, ladders, safety equipment, etc. This will determine the outcome of your house washing. If you do not have or cannot afford the required equipment, it is recommended to hire a house washing contractor. This will cut the cost of buying new equipment and make work easier for you.

Below are some of the answers to your question. Find the best house washing method to wash your house.

House Pressure Washing 

Do you want an easy, economical, and fast way to clean your house from top to bottom? Pressure washing is an effective procedure in cleaning houses with mold, mildew, mud, and built-up Grimm. It is recommended not to use a pressure washer on surfaces prone to damage like bricks, as they cannot withstand the powerful spray of a pressure washer. It is advisable to do house pressure washing only once a year.  If you are using a pressure washer to clean your house, you should:

Ensure safety and follow pressure washing safety precautionary measures. As with any pressure washing job, safety is paramount. Switch off all the electrical components and avoid electrical lines and high-voltage spots. Wear protective gear: waterproof clothes, gloves, and goggles. Avoid spraying windows, pressure washers could damage the glass, especially in older houses with single-pane windows.

Here are some of the pressure washer safety tips:

  1. Never aim the pressure washer wand at yourself or anyone.
  2. Always wear protective gear when operating a pressure washer.
  3. Do not operate a gas-powered pressure washer in an enclosed area.
  4. Do not allow children to operate a pressure washer.
  5. Always check the circuit breaker before using a pressure washer.

Check your house for any damage. Test a small section of your house and if you see any cracks or crevices on the house, repair them before pressure washing. Wet the surface and apply a cleansing agent – choose only detergents specified for your house. Apply the detergent to your house from bottom to top. Allow the cleaning agent to soak for 5-10 minutes. Do not allow the cleaner to dry on your house.  If mold is discovered, apply anti-mold and anti-fungal treatments. Rinse off your house to clear the cleaner and reduce residue, and gently pressure washes your house from top to bottom.

House Washing Using a Garden Hose

This is probably the easiest and the most affordable way to carry out your house cleaning. No capital is required as you can use readily-available equipment. Choose a siding cleaning apparatus from your local home improvement store –  should have a nozzle attachment for your garden hose and a chamber to fill with detergents if required. It is critical to check the nozzle attachment in your garden hose before using it.

If you’re using a garden hose for house washing, it is essential to inspect your house taking note of the spots that are especially mildewed or grimy – you will be handing those first. This ensures effective cleaning of your house. Pretreat the dirty areas of your house using detergents before house washing with a garden hose. With the grimy areas use a soft brush to scrub while applying a solution of oxygen bleach to the mildewed spots.

If using a cleanser, fill the chamber in your hose attachment with a cleanser. Unless your house is too dusty, water alone should do the washing. Working on one section at a time, aiming the spray at a downward angle, spray your house from bottom to top. If you are using a cleanser for your house, you can rinse the detergents by spraying them from top to bottom.


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