What is Twitch? 

Twitch is an American live streaming service. Live streaming is if someone is interested in some content and they want to telecast it live, then Twitch is the right platform for you. Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform. It hasn’t gained much popularity in India compared to other countries, but today’s youth with gaming interests have started using it for gaming live streaming. 

Earlier, Twitch was mainly used for gaming live streaming. But now, many other genres of content have started using Twitch. Still, the primary targeted audience on Twitch is gamers. There are many types of games that are live-streamed on Twitch. Let’s take a look at some of the examples.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – It is a multiplayer game released for Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It is the fourth game in the counter-strike series by valve.
  2. Just Chatting – It is a 2D platformer for adults. After 2020, this game has started getting popular on Twitch.
  3. Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North. It is released on many platforms. Microsoft Windows, Xbox series X, Series X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5. 
  4. PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS – It is an online multiplayer game developed by the PUBG Corporation. It is one of the most popular. Hundreds of players are struggling to survive on Twitch with this game.
  5. Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle video game: Microsoft Windows, Xbox series X, Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.
  6. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios. On Twitch, it has forty-three plus million followers.

Here above are some examples of live-streamed games by many gamers on Twitch. Those gamers who are good enough at playing games or streaming them live can generate traffic on Twitch and earn money. 

As discussed earlier, Twitch is mainly famous for game live streaming, but other genres are now also streamed on Twitch. We can say that any content in an audio and video graphic format can be streamed on Twitch. Let’s see what type of content is live-streamed on Twitch apart from games.

  1. Music: Creators can stream music with specific terms and conditions on Twitch. There should not be any copyright issues with whatever theme they are streaming.
  2. Animation: Animation live streaming on Twitch is something that includes cartoon characters with stories. But creators have to follow all the terms and conditions of Twitch to live stream an animation series.
  3. Sports: Streams that show the discussion regarding action sports on live streaming. 
  4. Animals: The streams feature all types of animals and their breed, food, and many more.
  5. Outdoor Games: Basketball, badminton, football, cricket, cycling, etc. It can be featured on live streaming. 
  6. Computer Languages: Streams are based on the discussion of computer languages like C++, Java, Python, SQL, and many more.
  7. Charity: Streams are based on funding charities for NGOs and less privileged people.
  8. Comics and Books: Streams that emphasize production and discussion regarding comics and books.
  9. Editing: Streams, which focus on a discussion regarding editing, audio, video, writing, and photography content. 
  10. Fashion: Streams, which discuss clothing, fashion, brands, trends, etc.
  11. Finance: Streams that discuss the investment and management of wealth.
  12. Travel: Streams are based on a discussion of traveling, places, and Information regarding travel.
  13. Rap: Streams provide Information regarding rap music’s production, composition, and playback.
  14. Rocket: Providing Information regarding production, design, construction, and operation of rockets in live streams.
  15. Spirituality: Streams that emphasize meditation and spirituality.
  16. Weather: Streams, which provide information about weather, climate, and others.

 So, above are some of the examples of genres Twitch provides. Twitch launched in 2011. Earlier, it was famous for gaming live streaming only, but now Twitch has started streaming different genres in terms of content. Twitch is something that provides an open platform to various content creators. From 2011 till now, Twitch has been the world’s largest live-streaming app. From 2011 till now, Twitch has grown with millions of followers. You must be thinking about how Twitch is gaining so many followers in such a short time. You can contact to : Twitch Viral. You can also read here different ways to increase followers:

Saving content-related videos can be time-consuming and expensive. This is the pro for live streaming creators; they do not have to save videos; they can use the live streaming option to get rid of them. Live streaming provides a better review of a particular genre because sometimes reading or watching reviews is not enough; People understand it better during the live stream. And Twitch provides that platform to the public to get the exact information about the content they are looking for.

Twitch took the hype during the COVID 19 period. Many singers or content creators have shifted to Twitch because of the cancellation of their tours. During the pandemic, many content creators have started streaming. Many of them got the time to follow their passion, and many people used it for bread butter. These are some of the significant reasons why Twitch started gaining followers. Recently, the average number of followers of Twitch daily is fifteen million. 

Creating an account on Twitch is free. Twitch is available on many streaming platforms like iOS, Mac, Windows, PS4, Android, Xbox One, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. At its launch in 2011, Twitch had partnered with gaming companies like Blizzard Entertainment and Overwatch League. Twitch also provides users to purchase games through links on streams. 

So, Twitch provides a comprehensive platform to all the different types of content creators, where they can grow as a creator, upskill themselves, and earn their livelihood by following their passion. In today’s lifestyle, live streaming is something that has a promising future in the digital marketing world. People should use Twitch as a creator or as a user either way as they will learn about today’s era.

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