What jewelry to wear according to her outfit?

Not everything goes with everything. If certain combinations are capable of transforming a look or a look, others constitute a real fashion faux pas. Zoom on the clever associations you can make between your wardrobe and your jewelry box.

Women’s jewelry to wear according to her outfit

When it comes to choosing a specific jewelry set, women are spoiled for choice. Whether it’s elegant diamonds for a glamorous evening out, playful beads for a casual day look, or intricate designs inspired by alpine safes for a unique touch, there’s something to suit every taste and occasion.

Thanks to pretty rings, they can make their hands shine brightly. Mounted on cotton, gold or silver, the necklaces elegantly decorate their necks and bring out their unique beauty. Bracelets add a touch of glamor to their look. As for earrings, they beautifully frame the face and make women look brighter.

But be careful not to overdo it , by loading up a dress with rhinestones and sparkles. With jewelry, the “ less is more ” rule often applies: for an accessory to stand out, it must not be overshadowed by too many ornaments.

Below, we come back to the best Wholesale Jewelry clothing combinations, in order to create fashionable looks for you.

What jewelry for women with a sweater dress?

In winter, the sweater dress is an ideal garment to remain feminine, even during the coldest months. Often made of wool, cashmere or even velvet, it hugs the curves without being too tight.

To brighten up a sweater dress, long necklaces are a wonderful option. These wide necklaces go down to the belly and often include customizable charms and pendants. On a dress with a turtleneck, avoid chokers , which will be more visible on a summer dress or a low-cut top.

Combine your sweater dress with pretty silver necklaces , such as the duo of chain necklaces with rings and mini rounds in solid silver , which accommodates the engravings of your choice.

Opt for original and colorful jewelry to accompany a light dress

Light and simple dresses are wonderfully easy to dress up.

Especially when they are united: in this case, they can literally marry all types of jewelry. Indeed, they constitute a monochrome backdrop that you can compose as you wish. It is therefore a perfect opportunity to play with colors, textures and materials.

Why not take the opportunity to wear a beautiful customizable women’s bracelet ? For example, turn to the bracelet to compose in sterling silver on liberty ribbon , which consists of charms, colored links and engravings. Adorn the jewel with the colors of your choice by opting for your favorite liberty link.

What jewelry can you wear with a suit or an office outfit?

To go to work, fancy jewelry made of precious metals will be in order. White gold, gold plated and silver will bring elegance to a look without overdoing it.

Give a new shine to your work outfit by wearing discreet earrings, such as the charming pair of  flower and zircon earrings . Poetic thanks to their flower shape and shiny thanks to the zircon, these little earrings go perfectly with a suit or a blazer. If you’re looking for earrings to suit every style, you can check out .

Wear a beautiful jewel with a chic outfit

On the occasion of a cocktail party, a wedding or an important event, go all out by wearing a refined necklace made up of beautiful pendants, precious stones or even charms. Thanks to clever color combinations , integrate the style of the necklace into a chic outfit.

Gold-plated necklaces are particularly suitable for important occasions. By way of illustration, the gold-plated chain and ring necklace is the perfect complement to a beautiful black dress or a cocktail outfit. Discreet and refined, this timeless jewel enhances the beauty of the wearer.

If your look lends itself to it, you can even opt for ethnic and bohemian jewelry, such as the aztec necklace on a gold-plated chain . Adorned with a superb pink quartz stone in the center of the medallion, this jewel will make you shine with a thousand lights. In addition, the back of the medallion can be engraved with little sweet words, giving a particularly symbolic dimension to the necklace.

Men’s jewelry to wear according to your outfit

On the men’s side, jewelry is also precious accessories that allow them to assert their own style . A leather bracelet placed around a wrist or a modern ring decorating a hand are details that are important.

Men ‘s jewelry gives more character to an outfit, and knows how to adapt to different occasions.

Jewelry for men to go with a casual outfit

Matching jewelry to a casual look is quite possible, when you know which accessories to turn to.

Leather straps go particularly well with t-shirts, polo shirts or casual shirts. Elegant and pure, leather is a very popular material among men. Often, leather jewelry gives the opportunity to choose the color of the bracelet, in order to adapt the shade to the preferences of the recipient.

For example, the men’s bracelet le tressé in genuine leather offers you the choice between camel, black and chocolate shades. In addition, you can decide the size of the bracelet and add an engraving on the back, for a 100% personalized jewel.

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