What Kind Of Rum To Use For An Old Fashioned

Step into an enthralling universe of mixology where tradition and innovation intermingle, giving rise to a tale as captivating as the Old Fashioned cocktail. Classic yet adaptable, it shines as a stellar example of the beauty in simplicity. In this piece, we embark on an exciting quest to revisit the heritage of this beloved cocktail, infusing it with an innovative twist – aged rum, thereby raising the sophistication of its flavour to a whole new tier.

An Unacknowledged Marvel: Aged Rum

Commonly associated with tropical beverages or summer blends, rum, particularly aged rum, is a hidden treasure chest of intricate flavours. Held captive in the seasoned wood of oak barrels for several years, it unfolds an enchanting palette of flavours – caramel, vanilla, spice, and dried fruit. Given these characteristics, aged rum personifies a fascinating replacement for the traditional whiskey in an Old Fashioned, a mastered blend of spirit, sweetness, and bitterness.

Redefining Conventions: The Aged Rum Revolution

Layered Complexity And Depth

Aged rum injects a unique opulence into the Old Fashioned. The ageing process endows the spirit with nuanced flavours that harmonise exquisitely with the cocktail’s other constituents. The caramel and vanilla hints augment the sugar’s sweetness, while the spicy and fruity undertones add a layer of complexity, enhancing the citrus twist and bitters.¬†

Smooth Sophistication And Affability

Contrary to the sometimes assertive and intimidating whiskey, aged rum typically possesses a smoother and friendlier persona. This attribute makes the rum-infused Old Fashioned an ideal initiation for newcomers to the cocktail world or those desiring an alternative experience without compromising on refinement.

The Art Of Adaptability

The wide-ranging versatility of aged rum paves the way for imaginative experimentation. From the silky charm of a 12-year-old Demerara rum to the spicy finesse of a Caribbean blend, the aged rum spectrum provides infinite possibilities to customise the Old Fashioned to individual palates and predilections.

Concocting The Ideal Rum Old Fashioned

To craft a sublime rum-infused Old Fashioned, adhere to these straightforward guidelines:

  • Pick your Rum: Opt for a high-grade, aged rum that resonates with your palate. Rums aged for a minimum of 5 years are recommended for their sufficient intricacy. The good news is that most rums mix well.

  • Ready your Glass: Introduce a sugar cube and a few splashes of aromatic bitters to an Old Fashioned glass. Muddle till the sugar partly dissolves.

  • Introduce the Rum: Infuse 2 ounces of your preferred aged rum and gently stir to blend.

  • Ice and Adorn: Incorporate a large ice cube or sphere to the glass and stir till chilled. Embellish with a twist of orange or lemon peel, releasing the oils over the concoction before inserting it into the glass.

The Old Fashioned cocktail, a timeless masterpiece, embraces sustenance through continuous innovation, epitomising the spirit of mixology. By endorsing aged rum as a viable alternative for whiskey, we venture into novel realms of flavour, underscoring the versatility and refinement of this underappreciated spirit. Whether you’re an accomplished mixologist or a cocktail lover, toying with an aged rum Old Fashioned can upgrade your admiration for both the cocktail and the spirit.

Ultimately, the spirit of choice in an Old Fashioned remains a personal preference. However, by defying conventional norms and exploring the potential of aged rum, we not only pay homage to the cocktail’s legacy but also expand the horizons of its future possibilities. Here’s to the game-changing power of creativity and the enduring appeal of the Old Fashioned, reinvented.


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