What Makes a Competent Tutor? For School Children and Adolescent College/University Students

What do parents and tutoring institutes have in common? The answer is not difficult! Both need professional tutors. Parents who need tutoring for their child for the first time can have difficulties defining what a professional tutor should mean. It often takes years before you know exactly which tutor you actually need or have needed.

Serious tutoring institutes know right from the start which criteria an experienced tutor must meet. This is actually one of the most important reasons why parents should visit a reputable local aid institute for better tutoring.

For us as a tutor academy, there are a number of criteria that a competent tutor takes into account to the letter. Regardless of whether it is a simple tutoring for the primary school, secondary school or difficult tutoring for the Gym entrance exam, FMS final exam, it is important for a good tutor to find out the needs and expectations of the students from the first meeting.

Individual learning program and good support for students and parents

A good teacher can find out the level of knowledge of the students through the involvement of the parents, small exercises and tests and set corresponding tutoring goals for an individual learning program.

In order to design the course of the lesson individually, teachers must also be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the students. There are different learning techniques for the auditory learner type and for the visual learner type. Experienced teachers take these peculiarities into account and explain the content using the learning technique that will help the student understand better.

A good teacher is a good source of motivation. It makes learning entertaining, uses materials that are fun and accompanies the students through the entire learning process with immediate assistance. He observes the performance of the students, evaluates their development, informs them and their parents and rewards their success at school.

A good teacher also finds the opinion of the students and their parents and asks them what they like or dislike about the tutoring. For an open teacher, this is a chance to improve.

Would you like this particular teacher for your child? You don’t have to have bad experiences to find the right teacher. Lawmind, as a tutor academy, provides professional LNAT tutors for Law Students, click here to check out more details about LNAT tutors. These tutors may help students get admission in Law college or University and significantly increase chances of admission. We also attach great importance to teachers who perfectly meet these criteria and guarantee your child the best Math, English, Science, or tuition.

Preparation for high school exams, entrance exams for FMS, WMS and IMS or preparation for final exams for the same and other types of school are serious work for our teachers that they tackle every day and successfully enable a better future for numerous students.

Preparatory courses for the entrance exam at the grammar school

A good professional future usually begins with a good preparation course for the entrance exam at the grammar school. Many public schools offer preparatory courses for students who would like to become high school students. However, these are not always able to identify and close individual gaps in the students.


It’s no different. The places grammar schools are limited and the grammar exam is a great challenge for many students. Individual preparation for the Gymnasium should therefore not be neglected. Those who regularly deepen their knowledge and build self-confidence have more chances at the Gym exam.

Ideal preparation courses for a confident school and professional life

Good preparatory courses are not only used to ensure success in high school exams. Students who have attended a high school preparation course are ready for all of high school life, which expects them to have regular and intensive learning, abstract thinking and self-confidence. Anyone who has such a high school life behind them is also ready for demanding professions.

Of course, this requires intensive and at the same time sustainable learning, for which you need at least six months. As a tutor academy, we offer your child a challenging learning concept by making sure that the preparatory course for the Gym entrance exam does not interfere with learning at school. Rather, we concentrate on the content that is important for the grammar exam.

Gym preparation in the holiday season

You can of course use the vacation time to avoid risking your studies at school. We offer you autumn vacation courses, Christmas vacation courses, carnival and sports vacation courses, spring vacation courses, summer vacation courses for a demanding preparation for the grammar exam.

In these preparation courses, students have the opportunity to take mock exams in real time. This is a very good way to familiarize students with the exam situation and to conjure away the fear and restore self-confidence.

After this test, your child receives a grade and sees their current state. In order to achieve the target state, these exams are constantly corrected by the experienced and committed teachers.

Tutor academy for optimal high school preparation

In addition, we ensure optimal learning materials and individual processing of gaps in knowledge so that the preparation time leads to a smooth transition to high school. Stop by Lawmind to talk about your child’s continued learning success.


This will make your child happy in school

It has been almost 2 months since school started and students are currently on autumn break. The nerve-wracking time at the beginning of school is over. By and large, children have integrated themselves into school life and after the autumn break you will be ready for the exams.

However, this does not apply to all students. Nowadays, parents have the task of recognizing possible problems and taking measures. With this article we would like to show you how you can recognize that your child is not doing well in school and how you can react to it.

School is a taboo subject

For some students who have problems with school, they don’t want to talk about school. When you pick your child up from school, they should be happy to tell you what they’ve been up to in the last six hours. Children who constantly answer one word, change the subject, or show a complete lack of enthusiasm often have problems with school. Here you should very carefully find out what made the school a taboo subject.


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