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What Makes An Assisted Living Facility Great?

There were 28,900 residential care communities in America in 2018, and that number continues to grow. When you are trying to find the best option for yourself or a loved one, this number can seem daunting. The move to assisted living is usually permanent and you need to be sure that the chosen facility will continue to care for you as you age and in all health conditions.

How do you identify a great facility versus a mediocre or poor one? We have done the research and determined the factors that are most important to you.

Consideration For Family Visits

When a person enters an assisted living facility, they look forward to making new friends and enjoying the activities they can participate in. However, more than anything, they hope for regular, extended visits from their adult children and their grandchildren. Sadly, many offspring seem to abandon their parents once they have placed them somewhere, or only make short duty visits.

An assisted living facility should be as close to home as possible but still needs to adhere to the highest standards of care, which may mean that traveling distances are prohibitive unless you want to settle on a lower standard.

Facilities need to be flexible to allow the family to visit loved ones at their convenience, such as after hours or whenever the adult children can make it around work and childcare schedules. Accommodation for staying over should be provided, which would have to be paid for.

Top Dining Arrangements

A top assisted living facility will be open all day to fit the routines of each resident. Many low-quality facilities have a set meal, three times a day, and do not provide access to snacks and drinks outside of these times. A great home will have several qualified chefs on its staff, alternate meals, use top ingredients, and present food appetizingly in a restaurant-type setting. It will remain open for all-day dining, and provide treats, snacks, beverages, and fruit between meals as desired, day and night. You can look forward to great dining with friends at an assisted living Livingston NJ facility.

Great Activities Daily

When you enter an assisted living facility and still have your full faculties and are in reasonably good health, you will be inspired to stay young at heart if there are well-thought-out activities daily and special features weekly. Ask for the full list of activities on offer and permission to watch one or two items.


Residents generally prefer to have their own suite and private bathroom. This should have space for a bedroom and a small lounge area where residents can enjoy visits from friends and family. Additional features to look for are 24/7 WI-FI and cable access, assistance with scheduling medical appointments, transport to doctors, and shopping/outing trips.

Care When Health Is impaired

The best facilities provide round-the-clock care with licensed nurses. These employees demonstrate compassion and treat their charges as whole people, seeing to mental, spiritual, and emotional needs, not only the physical ones. They also have in-house physicians and provide memory care for residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Not all assisted living facilities are the same. Take your time to look for the one that is right for you, for all your tomorrows.






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