What Not to Do While Wearing Luxuria Diamond Simulant Rings

The average consumer loves simulated diamond jewelry. These jewelry items are cheap, long-lasting, and they look just as good as real, “authentic” diamond jewelry. Top sellers typically use cubic zirconia (CZ) to manufacture beautiful, sparkling simulated diamonds. High-grade CZ diamonds look so much like real diamonds that even professional jewelers struggle to tell the differences between them.

However, unlike real diamond jewelry, high-grade CZ diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings become dull over time. Don’t worry – these items won’t lose their sparkle/shine months after you buy them. But, if you regularly expose these jewelry items to the wrong situations or materials, they will lose their quality rapidly. Here’s what users of simulated diamond jewelry items shouldn’t do.

No Cleaning the House While Wearing the Jewelry

High-grade Luxuria diamond simulant rings last for decades when they’re cleaned/maintained properly. But, CZ is a sensitive material. When it comes into contact with harsh chemicals, it starts to lose its sparkle and look dull. That’s why cleaning the house while wearing these jewelry items, is a big “no-no.”

The average household cleaning product contains harsh chemicals, ammonia, bleach, and other potentially harmful ingredients. Even something as regular as toothpaste can cause chemical reactions that disintegrate CZ. Keeping these substances as far away from your simulated diamond jewelry items is very important. That means no cleaning the floor or taking showers while wearing these items.

No Playing Contact Sports

Simulated diamond jewelry items made of CZ are not nearly as hard as natural diamond jewelry. As a result, these items are prone to picking up many scratches. The more scratches your simulated diamond jewelry items pick up, the more care they need. Ultimately, the accumulation of surface scratches causes these items to lose their shine and sparkle over time.

That’s why planning contact sports while wearing these items is not advisable. In fact, keep your simulated diamond jewelry items away from situations where they’re prone to get pounded. That means – no traveling in crowded public vehicles or no catching hard, fast-moving objects while wearing these items.

No Applying Makeup While Wearing the Jewelry

Just like household cleaning products, cosmetic products also contain different types of chemicals. The chemicals in makeup products, hairsprays, bug sprays, or even perfumes won’t harm your skin. But, they might damage your CZ jewelry. So, never apply makeup while wearing your simulated diamond rings. Avoid these actions and your simulated diamond jewelry items will last for decades!

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