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What proxies should an SMM specialist choose?

I think that I will not be mistaken if I assume that you are tired of wasting your precious time ad nauseam looking for a normal anonymous proxy on frish resources: I downloaded a bunch of gigantic lists, then a lot of time was spent on testing “Proxy” … if there is a track, then , as usual, it will work for 10 -15 minutes and die as usual … the speed of a turtle through it, and in the bath it is already in half of the TGP anyway … how can there be normal traffic? In short, a sad picture … 🙁

But enough of the bad news! From now on you can forget about these problems once and for all, they were solved for you. You have come to a unique proxy service –, working with TGP. So what’s the luck, you ask? And the fact is that you will receive as many guaranteed working proxies as you need! Moreover, each of them will be tuned in a special way just for you! In other words, no one except you can use it! Along with the:

  • 99.99% uptime uptime!
  • absolutely anonymous!
  • various IP addresses
  • high speed of work!
  • round-the-clock support!

What’s the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?

An experienced network administrator will quickly give a detailed answer, but an ordinary PC user is unlikely to understand it. SMM specialists successfully work with accounts on social networks through sophisticated automators and are able to see subtle patterns of changes in demand, but they do not understand the technical features of proxies so deeply. This can be quickly fixed.

What is this anyway?

Both abbreviations stand for types of IP addresses. Proxies, in fact, are ordinary addresses that an SSM specialist uses to disguise the fact that he maintains several dozen accounts using the same device. To understand which option is best for you specifically, you should outline the main differences.

IPv4 appeared much earlier, and therefore the entire infrastructure is sharpened for it. About 40 years ago, when the protocol was just beginning to gain popularity, hardly anyone could have imagined that 4.3 billion addresses would not be enough. By the way, humanity has long been close to this mark.

This format interferes with the effective transmission of information through routers, or rather, slows it down due to the presence of unnecessary data fields. Important: Several different devices can have the same IPv4 address thanks to NAT technology. So today they are struggling with the lack of IP addresses, but thanks to the advent of IPv6, the problem has already been practically solved.

IPv6 offers an incredible number of available addresses – a number followed by 256 zeros, so it should be enough for decades to come. This technology is much more reliable in terms of security and encryption, because the protection mechanisms are activated automatically.

Why hasn’t everyone switched to IPv6 yet? It’s better!

It all comes down to money. The problem with the lack of IPv4 addresses has worsened only in the last decade, and therefore today only 5% of all Internet users use the new version of the protocol. ISPs are in no hurry to update their network infrastructure.

The fact is that the reverse transition from IPv6 to IPv4 is impossible due to technological features, therefore, a complete rejection of the outdated version is possible only if all sites in the world provide stable support for the new protocol. As of 2019, only 25% of the top 1000 Alexa portals have implemented IPv6.

Which protocol option is best for SMM?

From a technical point of view, there isn’t much difference. Today, all task automation programs support both protocol variants. However, visually, IPv4 looks much more familiar, because in IPv6 there are not only numbers, but also letters.

IPv6 offers a more secure connection option: data will be much more difficult to track down and steal. In addition, the whole world will gradually switch to this format, and the leading networks of European states have long begun to get rid of IPv4 support.

Some experts argue that using IPv6 in regions where the technology is not widespread is a rather risky option that can attract additional attention. Obviously, the constant transitions between the new and the old version of the protocol will raise suspicions, so SSM managers should be consistent.

From an economic point of view, everything is simpler. IPv6 is much cheaper because the demand for it is significantly lower. At the same time, there is an acute shortage of IPv4, so that many unscrupulous proxy vendors sell “unique addresses” to several hands at once, thereby increasing the risk of account blocking.


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