What Should Businesses Consider When Creating Their Website?

Creating a website can be daunting. The language surrounding it often includes complex subjects like domain name registration. While crucial, strategic thinking is equally important. From writing compelling copy to color schemes with the help of a professional web design firm, there are many ways to use your website to your advantage.

Make the Content Reflect the Customer Lifecycle

Before creating a website, companies should figure out their brand and their tone of voice and style. Doing so will make communicating with their audience easier. Once they’ve decided this, they should figure out how to lead their consumers down the sales funnel. Businesses want the content on their website to reflect the customer lifecycle.

By this, we mean when starting a website, a company should include content that addresses questions and concerns about its industry and service. The healthcare sector does this well since doctors and dentists recognize that potential patients like to do their own research before making an appointment. A doctor’s office will include testimonials and reviews from past patients on their website so prospective patients can read about past experiences and then make their decision.

Use Color Psychology to Create The Color Scheme

Testimonials are one way to draw in consumers to a website, but so is using a strategic color scheme. Color schemes are important because individuals perceive colors to mean different things. That’s why yellow calls to mind feelings of happiness, and blue’s often associated with tranquility.

In business, the colors a company selects should align with how they want their brand to be perceived. One industry that utilizes the benefits of color psychology is the online casino sector since many platforms use inviting, bright colors on their websites. For instance, the Genesis live dealer casino website uses enticing colors, in combination with strategic image placement, to hook the player in as soon as they open the website. There’s a reason the website uses a purple-color scheme: many individuals perceive purple as mysterious, spiritual, and since it rarely occurs in nature, rare. Some also associate purple with royalty. This color scheme not only draws players in but also aligns with the images on the website and the casino’s brand and location.

Write Compelling Copy

The content on a website can include testimonials, but it’s not limited to this. Companies that create any web copy that guides their consumers are well-positioned. Copy that includes research, quotes, or statistics adds substance to a website. So does breaking up content by using subheadings. With that said, one of the best ways to draw and maintain traffic on a company’s website is by addressing the reader. The aim is to connect, so companies should include “you” and “your” in their copy.

Outdoor apparel companies do this brilliantly when discussing new equipment, such as a cycling shop promoting a new helmet. For instance, rather than saying “the shell provides unbeaten protection for any cyclist,” these companies would address their audience by saying “the shell provides unbeatable protection for you, whether you’re a commuter or a racer.”

Creating a website can feel like a chore. But there are many benefits to having one, and spending time on how you design your content, such as the color scheme, and the information you include, like testimonials and statistics, will help you achieve your goals. Outdoor equipment stores, online casinos, and the healthcare industry are among the few sectors that truly get this.


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