What Sites Allow Sports Betting in Texas?

In the Lone Star State, the legalization of state-regulated sportsbooks for wagering on Texas sports has been a stumbling block. Domestic sports betting has been discussed step by step by lawmakers, but no legislation has been passed or implemented.

It is possible for Texans to wager on sports lawfully in other countries even though the Texas government has failed in its attempts.

Texas sportsbooks, the legal landscape, and the state’s position on the establishment of a state-licensed sports betting market are all covered in the information provided here for your convenience. In addition, we provide information on the most reputable online sportsbooks in Texas since the legality of sports betting in Texas and the websites you can use are debatable.

Legality of Texas Sports Betting

At the moment, only international sports betting is permitted in Texas. For more than a decade, offshore sportsbooks have catered to American bettors, providing competitive odds on college, professional, and a slew of foreign sporting events.

For many years now, Texans have been able to take advantage of offshore sports betting companies’ prop bets, game lines, live in-play betting, and other gambling opportunities. These online sportsbooks provide a safe and secure option until the state legalizes and allows domestic sports betting.

In Texas, you can wager on the following:

College, professional, and international sports can be bet on at offshore sportsbooks. In the Philippines, you may bet on Longhorn football and basketball. There are so many alternatives for online sports betting that it almost feels like there are no limits.

You Can’t Place a Gamble in Texas:

Bookmakers operating illegally within the state of Texas are not allowed to accept bets from Texas residents. Depending on the seriousness of the operation, you could face large penalties or even prison time.

Texas is a Great Place to Bet on Sports

Offshore sportsbooks are currently the only viable choice for Texans. More betting lines and wagering alternatives may be found at offshore sportsbooks than at the majority of domestic sportsbooks located in other states, as well as more generous bonuses and special promotions throughout the year.

Betting on the Super Bowl in Texas: Is It Allowed?

Absolutely. Legal sportsbooks are only available through state-regulated or offshore internet sportsbooks that are fully compliant with industry regulations.

For those who don’t want to travel to a state that has already opened up state-based sports betting sites, the best alternative is to use an established online sportsbook.

Sports Betting Cities in Texas

Dallas, Texas, Sports Betting

The Dallas Cowboys (NFL), the Dallas Stars (NHL), and the Dallas Mavericks (NBA) are three of the city’s most prominent professional sports franchises (NBA). The Dallas Cowboys are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season and play in the NFC East. Even though they won a title a few years ago, the Mavericks haven’t fared well since.

The Western Conference is tougher, to be fair, but the Mavericks haven’t had much of an influence of late in the conference. This season, they are not projected to make the playoffs at all. The regulated sportsbooks in this directory allow residents to place bets on their favorite Dallas teams.

Houston, Texas, Sports Betting

Besides the Houston Rockets (NBA), the Houston Astros (MLB), and the Houston Texans (NFL), Houston has three prominent sports franchises (NFL). Out of the three clubs, the Rockets have had the most success, making it to the Western Conference Finals on several occasions. Betting on them should be a good option throughout the season due to the offseason improvements that have put them in a position to be one of the best teams again.

They are one of the better teams in the AFC South, which includes the Texans. As of this writing, the Astros remain in contention for the World Series Championship. Licensed offshore bookmakers accept wagers on all Houston-area teams.

San Antonio City, Texas, Sports Betting

There is only one NBA franchise in Texas, and that is the San Antonio Spurs, situated in San Antonio. One of the NBA’s top teams in the Western Conference, the Spurs were knocked out of the Playoffs only by the Golden State Warriors.

If you’re looking for a Western Conference squad with a lot of depth and talent, the San Antonio Spurs are your team of choice.

Austin, Texas, Sports Betting

The University of Texas Longhorns play their home games in Austin, the capital of the Lone Star State. The Big 12 Conference hosts the Longhorns, one of the nation’s most successful college football programs. All season long, Longhorns fans can place bets on their team’s games at any of the sportsbooks.

Arlington, Texas, Sports Betting

Arlington, Texas, is home to the Texas Rangers, a major league baseball team. The Texas Rangers came in third in the American League West division this season. After the current season, they will most likely reshape their roster and aim for a higher finish in the next one. All season long, you may back the Rangers at one of the many online sportsbooks.

Final Thoughts

To place a college basketball bet at an online sportsbook, you no longer have to rely on your own computer or laptop; instead, you can just click on one of the websites of your preferred liking using a contemporary tablet or smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android). There is no need for a download to use this service. It is possible to access the entire sportsbook site using these web-based applications.


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