What Size Board Should I Skate Expert Guide 2021

Today we will discuss what size board should I skate? Now there are a lot of factors that determine which is best for you. It depends on your height, weight, and many other factors. We will come to this but first, let’s know a bit about skateboards.

It is a small structure made of wood. It consists of four wheels on which it moves. Skaters use it to ride and also to perform various stunts.

What is a good size skateboard for skating?
What Size Board Should I Skate Expert Guide 20212

7.50 “to 8.00”: Skating more specialized techniques for average floor breadth road terrain for the teenage or mature riders. 8.00 “to 8.50”: Perfect for many road and transfer land. Gardens, lakes, bars, stairways. 8.50 “and above: Extensive decks are great for change blading, high street strategy, pool, or just sailing.

What Is a standard-size skateboard?

Most skate decks are about 31 “- 33” long. Decks 33 “and longer will usually have a width of 8.5” or more Tired of building a deck with a long wheelbase, and it would be an excellent place to start shopping.

What Size Skateboard Should I Skate Step By Step Guide

As we already mentioned before, there are a lot of factors that affect the size of the skateboard that will be right for you. It consists of your height, weight, shoe size, and riding style or pattern. Let’s know about these factors in detail.

Height And Weight Matters

The rider’s height and weight are essential factors in choosing a skateboard. A short, thin person will always prefer a board of smaller size. On the other hand, a tall, well-built person will indeed like an adequately sized skateboard.

Thus a skateboard that can be easily handled according to your body weight and height should be chosen. Due to its concave shape, it is sometimes confusing to choose the correct size. A slight difference can make it difficult to ride smoothly. Thus this factor needs to be considered.

Style Of Riding

The riding Style of skaters varies from person to person. Thus those who choose to do transition skating or desire to have more place to stand while riding can go for a deck with a larger width or area. Those who are more into flipping and performing various stunts while riding can choose a board with lighter weight and is easy to handle.

A skateboard needs to be chosen which matches your riding style. A teenage or young rider may go for a 7″-7.5″ narrow deck. A well-grown person can choose a deck sizing 7.5″-8″. Decks that size more than 8″-8.5″ can be used by those into transition skating.

Size Of Shoes

Shoe size is considered the most critical factor while choosing a skateboard. The size of your shoes helps to identify the correct deck in which your feet can fit right. Picking the correct deck which is not too big or small from your feet is essential. According to a man’s shoe size, if you wear a size between 6.5-9, you should go for a skateboard with a deck size of 7.5″-8″. If you use size 9.5 or more, go for an 8″-8.5″ deck. These numbers will help you to choose.


Finally we learned what size board should I skate? These three factors need to be considered while picking the best electric skateboard under 500 size for you.

It would help if you choose your skateboard according to your riding style, and also the shoe size is also significant to get that perfect skateboard for you. Above all, your practice and dedication will decide how you will rule your best electric skateboard under 500

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