What the World Would be Like if Emojis Didn’t Exist

Most of the millennials must have watched the Make way for Noddy cartoon serial on TV. It was a fun-filled, lively, and beautiful demonstration of the protagonist Noddy, and how he deals with problems arising in his life. The cartoon was vibrant with bright colors and a creatively imagined Toytown. In the episode of ‘Grey day in Toytown’, the whole town turns grey. In another cartoon series Dragon Tales, a similar episode showed that the Dragon land had turned grey. Why am I making you remember the time when you were young? Well, you will have to wait for that.

For the elder readers who were too old to watch cartoons (Oh! Such a stereotype!), remember the black and white films of your time? If you do, I can finally come to my point. The one thing common to all these mentioned things is that they miss the essence of what makes our sight so special – color. Toytown with its colors, Dragon land without the shades of green and yellow, and Bollywood stars without their bright velvet costumes seem unbearable. That is exactly how the world would be if our text conversations did not have emojis.

Emojis have changed how we perceive texts and express our emotions. Feeling sad? Feeling happy? Feeling loved? Send an emoji for whatever emotions you are having. There are emojis of almost everything and every feeling one can experience. A messaging platform can never work unless it doesn’t provide the user with good and relatable emojis. But something more reliable in getting an emoji just wherever you want, apart from a messaging app is the mobile keyboard. The keyboard of your mobile phone may not always have in-built emojis or features that make your conversations interesting. But what if I tell you about an app that changed my texting experience? I’m sure it will do for you too.

Let us get some drums rolling as I introduce you to Bharat AI’s Hindi Keyboard app. With extremely simple typing, this Hindi typing keyboard is the most fun Hindi keyboard on android. Third-party stickers, English fonts, quotes, and jokes, notepads; if you have apps for each one of them before, you won’t be needed them anymore. The Hindi keyboard app includes all of these within itself. How can a keyboard do all these things? You may ask. Let us dive right into the endless features of the Hindi typing keyboard app.

Emoji Keyboard and Suggestions

The Hindi Keyboard App has emojis which are brilliantly crafted and designed. Thoughts have been brilliantly put into giving them a pleasant vibe. The specialty of the emoji keyboard is that they can be sent as Bigmojis. Bigmojis are much bigger than emojis and are sent as stickers. Some Bigmojis are even animated which makes them more fun to look at. You won’t be getting this in any other Hindi typing keyboard online.

Depending on the words you type, the keyboard auto-suggests emojis which you can use instantly. Emojis on the suggestion bar can be sent as Bigmojis too. This will save you precious time having to find an emoji.

Avatar, Stickers, and GIFs

The Hindi Keyboard App has thousands of stickers that are shareable instantly. The stickers are regularly updated and are on Hindi movie dialogues, greetings, and slang. You can also make avatars and stickers howsoever you desire. No more need for third-party sticker apps to get stickers when your keyboard provides you with them.

You can not just make static stickers but even GIFs. Now imagine how stickers created a storm on social media when they were introduced. After that, GIF stickers made the headlines and are on the verge of replacing GIFs totally.

The world is constantly changing. Anything new is quickly adapted by the people. But what’s surprising is that the old is not replaced immediately. Although people have now started using stickers, people won’t ever stop using emojis. An emoji is just not an expression, it is a representation. We also say that Action speaks louder than words, similarly, emojis replace words and convey feelings better. What would have happened if there were no emojis is not that difficult to imagine. Someone’s intentions would have been conveyed with difficulty. Texts wouldn’t be fun and everything would seem serious. The concept of Gay parents would not be as normal as it seems now. The introduction of emojis on gay parents is also a boost to the Pride movement. Businesses have benefitted from emojis and have used them extensively in marketing.

The way we started this blog, the talk of removing the light from the world and darkness spreading over, the world would be exactly that without the emojis. I do feel that emojis have brought people closer and relate to each other. I can understand how the other person is feeling from whether he uses emojis or not. It has become quite natural for anyone to realize this, and this even may be the new normal, which is why it would be fair to conclude that the world without emojis would be like a body without a soul.


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