What To Do If You Find a Dead Rat in Your House

What To Do If You Find a Dead Rat in Your House

Finding a dead rat in your house is not a pleasant event. There are many different reasons why rats enter houses, and while some of them are more common than others, they all end in one single result: rat death.

So, what do you do if you find a dead rat in your house? Well, the first thing is not to panic, and the second is to take action. Keep reading to find out what to do if you find a dead rat in your house.

Step 1: Don’t Panic

While dead rats may mean that the place you live has a pest problem, there’s no need to panic. Rats are quite common and quite easy to deal with. However, you must know how to handle a rat found in your house, dead or otherwise.

First of all, don’t get scared. Rats are not dangerous animals, but sadly they do spread diseases, so you shouldn’t touch them (or anything that comes from that rat).

Take a calm and measured approach and don’t jump into any decisions without weighing up your options, to begin with.

Step 2: Assess the Situation

You should have a quick check to see there are no other rats nearby. Next you should try to work out why there is a dead rat where it is. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is the rat still fresh, or has it decomposed?
  • Does it look old or diseased?
  • Is there any blood around the rat?

A single dead rat is not something to really worry about, it could easily have been poisoned outside and come into your home to look for water before dying. However, if you have a look around and think you see evidence of a rat living in your home you should called a pest control service, look at this site for examples of what a professional can offer. They should have the experience to examine how big your problem is, any points of entry and whether treatment is needed to remove the rats.

Step 3: Take Care of The Carcass

Rotting carcasses are very dangerous and can pose a threat to public health. If the rat has been dead for some time, it’s likely that its body contains disease-carrying bacteria and viruses. If you handle the body, you run the risk of contracting any sickness that it may have carried.  So what do you do with a dead rat?

If you decide to move it yourself, be sure not to touch it directly, wear gloves and dispose of the carcass in the general waste bin, preferably within a rubbish bag so as not to expose any waste collectors. If you can use a litter picker to avoid touching it, even with gloved hands, this is the better option.

Step 4: Clean and Disinfect

Once the dead rat is disposed of, clean every part of the house that it came from, wash down walls, carpets, and furniture with a disinfectant solution.

This is essential for maintaining a healthy household. If you spot any rodent droppings or nests, you should also clean those out thoroughly too and call pest control to help you deal with any infestation you may have found.

You must ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly after handling the rat and before doing anything else. You may want to use a hand sanitizer as well just to be on the safe side.