What to do in Cancun?

To swim in clear waters, go to a nightclub to enjoy and more. Cancun belongs to the most amazing places all over the world, it is known for the majestic beaches nightclubs and monumental resorts to go to.

The stunning town of Cancun is located in the state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Cancun is known for its fabulous beaches, nightclubs and the great amount of tourist sites it has for the whole family or a single person.

What to do in Cancun?

Cancun, the perfect metropolis to enjoy a magical stay and have a great time with those who accompany you, here you will have the possibility to enjoy all kinds of things to do.

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We suggest this private service because the Cancun airport is not close to the hotel area or the center of the metropolis, so it will be a little more difficult to reach your destination without a private transportation service that suits your needs.

What to do in Cancun 2

Another thing we strongly suggest is to go to Tulum or Playa del Carmen once you are in Cancun, this way you will be able to get to know the whole area much faster and safer, for that we suggest you to use the Private Transfer Cancun to Tulum service, and also the Cancun Airport Transportation To Playa del Carmen.

 Coco Bongo

It belongs to the most famous entertainment places in Cancun even with its new restrictions by COVID19, it is constantly one of the most recommended places to go and dance, it is also a restaurant from now on so you have the option to choose if you want to go for a simple and more casual plan or if you want to go to dance and drink having fun all night long with family and friends or just to get to know new people in the location.

 Market 28

It is a typical Mexican food market, also dedicated to the superior quality seafood of the area, they probably have the same diversity of products as in the hotel zone (or quite similar) the only difference is that you will have the ability to find much cheaper prices that will better suit your budget.

Ventura Park

Is known as a fun water park with all kinds of creative and incredible attractions although it is not only about water rides, now there are also spaces for racing, virtual reality and even wheelbarrow races, this place is amazing to go with your family and with your friends! An experience to enjoy and to repeat every time you come back to the city of Cancun.

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Atlante Stadium

If you enjoy soccer and the excitement that comes with watching it live this place is for you, check the calendar and reserve your ticket to live this magical experience, you will not regret this decision, go support the local team and everything it has to do with it, we recommend to go with friends and then go to eat so you can enjoy even more!

Underwater Museum of Art of Cancun

In this museum you can enjoy hundreds of interesting and entertaining things; several people pass through the mangroves it has, others go to the hacienda parasil of the museum and others try to go fishing! But don’t worry, if you like more quite things you can still visit the place and try learning more of the creatures that live under the sea of Cancun.

What to do in Cancun2

Plaza Forum

A beautiful place to go to, you will have the possibility to enjoy many things; you will have the possibility to shop from precious handicrafts to delicious smelling perfumes. This region is quite commercial and has a beautiful view of the ocean; this makes Cancun a shopping paradise.

Las Palapas Park

A space to clear your head and get some independent wind, it is a park that has spaces to sit down, it is usually visited by families on weekends, and at certain times the stage is used to perform cultural plays, another thing is that there are constantly food stands in the area which is great!
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North Dialogue Fountain or Glorietadel Ceviche

It is a nice place to start touring Cancun and its surroundings; this site has a fundamental history because some of the leaders of the world met in this region today is a tourist center.

Malecón and Plaza MalecónAméricas

Plaza Malecon Americas is a new supermarket in the interior of Cancun, it has different instant food places, restaurants, movie theaters and stores for any kind of taste in its interior. After going to the supermarket you can visit the beautiful and sunny Malecon, which is just at the exit, you will be able to walk and watch the sunset.

What to do in Cancun4

 The Planetarium

There you will find features about the world, the water, the ecosystem of the Yucatan peninsula and also about the interesting Mayan culture, this tour in the planetarium of Cancun takes about 2 hours, we offer you to go early in the morning to avoid waiting in line!


As a suggest, we recommend you to enjoy this trip more than anything else, because we are sure you will never forget this place and the people that makes it a great and beautiful city for you and the rest of the population of the Caribbean mexico.


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