What to Do to Please a Girl?

You liked the sexy slavic girl and you really want her to reciprocate? There is no special magic strategy on how to please a girl. But there are some rules that will definitely make your acquaintance with the opposite sex successful.

Be Original

If you found a girl on the Web, it is very important to stand out among the dozens of other men who will write to her so that she turns her attention to you. This does not require some extravagant phrases with notes of flirting or overly pompous compliments.

The main secret is to be yourself and write to her what you would say in real life. What characterizes you and makes you special among all the other candidates? Instead of the phrase “Hi, how are you?” come up with something more interesting by looking at her profile or photos.

Be Polite and Courteous

Behave with restraint and beautifully, observing the norms of decency. If you invited a girl on a date, hold her door, and help with outerwear. If we are talking about online communication so far, write beautifully and competently, do not ask awkward questions, and follow the rules of etiquette.

It is impossible to generalize all the girls and highlight what they all like. But what is known for sure is that when you first meet, you should not put pressure on your chosen one.

Listen and Keep the Conversation Going

Girls love to talk and they are pleased when they are listened to. They may talk about a silly incident from childhood, and they will be very pleased if you show your ability to listen at this moment. However, this does not mean that you should be silent and just agree.

Keep the conversation going, and tell your stories back. Through communication, people open up and get to know each other better. Therefore, if you want to please a girl, show yourself real, but do not forget to find out information about her.

Find Common Interests

Few people will like it if you only talk about yourself, your friends, and your hobbies. One of the answers to the question of how to correspond with a girl to please her is a sincere passion for her interests and a search for common ones. Nothing else disposes to a person so in absentia as a general desire to do the same thing. It could be travel to certain countries, playing the guitar or piano, painting, or even a love of books or a particular literary genre. A common hobby makes it possible to always find a subject for discussion, which will make your online and offline communication more relaxed and harmonious. If you’re still wondering how a girl might like you, study her profile or ask questions about how she spends her time and what she likes.

Look into Her Eyes

Common mistake men make is avoiding eye contact. If you met a girl in a cafe where you sit across from each other, averting your eyes from the interlocutor may seem like disrespect or an attempt to hide something. At the same time, if you look a girl in the eyes, she will understand that you are listening to her and you are interested.

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