What to Know About Beard Transplant?

In fact, for many men, growing a beard is more complicated than just refraining from shaving and allowing nature to do its thing. There are times when facial hair grows unevenly, resulting in patchy facial hair rather than a well-groomed beard. This is where beard transplant toronto comes to the rescue.

Or, you might be born with a genetic predisposition to never grow a beard at all.
While you can use your own hair to fill in your receding hairline, a beard implant can also help if your facial hair follicles won’t cooperate.

To determine if you’re a good candidate, a doctor will examine your skin and hair. After that, it’s up to you to decide if the cost is worth it. When it comes to beard transplants, they are exactly what they sound like: In order to develop a beard, hair is removed from one area of the body and placed in the desired location on the jawline.

That may sound straightforward, but it’s actually a very lengthy procedure. Surgeons can choose from two primary options:
Extraction of follicular units (FUE). The donor’s region is harvested one at a time, one full follicular unit at a time. To understand why FUE is more popular, consider the fact that it’s less invasive.

implantation of follicular units (FUT). Hair follicles can be removed by cutting a tiny section of the back of the head and removing the hair follicles from that tissue. Several hair follicles may emerge from the skin at the same exit location as a follicular unit. It’s not uncommon for the back of the head to provide between 1,200 and 5,000 hair follicle transplants, which are then transplanted to the face.

A transplanted hair follicle is referred to as a graft. A healthy scalp is essential to a good harvest since hair follicles are collected from the rear of the head. You may still have healthy hair growth on the back of your head even though you’re losing hair on the top, as this area tends to be the last to become bald.After examining your scalp, your transplant surgeon will assess whether or not there are enough follicular units to transplant into your new hair follicle. There may be other options if there aren’t enough hair follicles to extract.

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