What to Know About Moving to Tucson, AZ

Although some people who have never traveled to the desert region of America may not be so keen on moving there, more and more people are moving to this strikingly beautiful part of the country. Tucson, AZ has become one of the most populated cities in the state boasting well over 500,000 residents according to the last census. Why are so many people moving to this city? There are a variety of reasons and if you want to make a move to a new place, here are some things you need to know about moving to Tucson, AZ. 

It Might Improve Your Health

Although the desert environment is not ideal for every human ailment, studies have shown it is significantly helpful for those who have asthma and other breathing concerns. Generally, what makes asthma and lung issues worse is high humidity. Therefore, many of the southern states can be very difficult for those who have breathing conditions. However, the arid, dry climate of Tucson, AZ is ideal for keeping lungs open and operating correctly. Many doctors have recommended patients with chronic breathing problems invest in a desert move like Tucson, AZ. 

Embrace the Cowboy Experience

When living in Tucson, AZ, you will come to live the cowboy lifestyle and you do not have to invest in your own expansive ranch to enjoy the experience. The cowboy lifestyle of bronc riding and the classic Vaquero heritage is alive and well hear. Each year the La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros is a celebration of the American Bronc Buster and is culminated by a variety of cowboy related events and the largest non-motorized parade in the country, so it is worth a visit to this annual festival of proud cowboys. 

Like New Food Experiences?

America is full of unique foods and culinarians throughout the nation are encouraged to invest in new flavors and bring multiple flavors together for a new experience. Where you might be under the misconception that only New York and LA can provide a truly unique food experience, you will be surprised that amazing food options are found throughout Tucson, AZ. Tucson is home to some of the biggest foodies in the country and most food options here revolve around locally sourced, organic varieties, so when you want to venture out of the norm, head down to downtown Tucson, AZ for an unbelievable food scene you are going to love. 

If You Hate Rain, You Will Love Tucson, AZ

Taking the family out for a day of fun can be ruined by a popup shower or storm and in certain areas of the country, these things are just difficult to predict. However, when living in Tucson, AZ you might forget what rain is. Each year, the city boasts a staggering 350 days of endless sunshine, so you never have to worry about a rain shower ruining your day. Even if it does rain, wait just a few minutes, and it will pass, so you can go about your day in blissful sunshine. 

The option of endless sunshine is great, but it does make for issues with storage in your home. Homes built in Tucson, AZ tend to be low to the ground without traditional attic or basement storage, so many people opt for storage units in Tucson, AZ to help alleviate the strain of where to put extra items. Storage units offer a substantial opportunity to declutter your home without having to rehome valuables and items you want to keep. Investing in a storage unit, whether standard or climate controlled, is a smart idea for anyone moving to Tucson, AZ. 

Always a Place to Party

Even though Tucson, AZ is a substantially large place, it remains a very community focused city, so regular festivals and parties are welcomed events here. Downtown Tucson plays host to a variety of annual events such as Tucson Meet Yourself, which is a festival that embraces the history of the city. Locals have begun to call the festival, “Tucson, Eat Yourself,” Due to the high amounts of food offered, but that is certainly not a bad thing. Other regular events include the monthly Second Saturday and the Heirloom Farmer’s Market that comes to downtown each week. There is always something fun to do for any age in Tucson, AZ. 

The Ghost Stories

You cannot have a place like Tucson, AZ and its incredible history without a few ghost stories floating around. Tucson is a very spiritually minded place even in modern day. Residents can seek advice from a local shaman and for those who want a little fright in their night, the Historic Hotel Congress even has a haunted room you can stay in. Additionally, the Wailing Woman is said to haunt the banks of the now dry Santa Cruz River. However, locals claim that the sight of the woman brings about bad omens, so you might want to avoid that one if you are superstitious. 

Rock Climbers Love Tucson, AZ

One look at the desert environment surrounding Tucson, AZ and you will instantly see why so many rock climbers make the trek to this part of the country. The landscape is a rock climber’s haven with endless sheer faced rock cliffs to choose from. The entire desert is like a rock climber’s dream and even if you are new to the sport, you are sure to find a few locals willing to show you the ropes. Even if you do not intend on climbing the rocks, plenty of photo opportunities can be found throughout the day. Try venturing out at sunrise or sunset for a truly remarkable light show across the desert. You will not regret it. 

There are so many places that offer an enjoyable life to live, but few have the same opportunities that Tucson, AZ offers. This city is among the most popular desert cities in the country and residents here truly embrace the history of their city and the modern amenities it now offers. If Tucson, AZ sounds like your type of place, pack your bags and make that big move today. 


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