What to Know About Renting an Apartment in North Carolina

Many transplants are finding their way to North Carolina and it’s easy to see why. There’s great weather, friendly people, and a ton of economic opportunities across many professional fields. So whether you’re coming to the Tar Heel state to better yourself professionally or just looking to spend your time somewhere a little more peaceful, here’s what you want to know before signing an apartment lease.  

Cost Of Living

How the average cost of living looks in North Carolina depends on where you are coming from. It’s ranked the 24th most affordable state so if you are coming from somewhere like many places in California or the cities of New England, your dollar might go much further than you’re used to.

Of course cost will vary by exact city and neighborhood, but it being relatively affordable is good news across the state. This means you’ll have more choice in having what you want, and not just what is affordable. Coming to North Carolina, you’ll be able to choose between say Charlotte or Chapel Hill apartments, to have the type of life you want, and not purely what you are and aren’t priced out of.

Pair affordable rent with North Carolina’s lower than average taxes and it’s clear why many people are flocking to the state for a better quality of life. The average rent in Charlotte, North Carolina is affordable and it’s clear why many people are flocking to the state for a better quality of life.


Most locals find the weather comfortable during most parts of the year, but what it’s like in summer is worth mentioning to those relocating from another part of the United States. It gets a special kind of hot during the summer here. That shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you, but when looking at apartments do make sure where you’ll be living has proper air conditioning.

Outside of the summer highs, things will be alright weather wise. Snow does happen but it’s quite rare so don’t worry about that possibility too much. Fall and Spring are lovely in this part of the country so do make sure to take advantage of those times throughout the year.

If you settle near a coast, keep in mind there’s always the risk of a hurricane causing damage in the area. As a renter, depending on how severe it is, this will be an inconvenience opposed to a financial setback but still something to be aware of.

Job Market

Often in life we don’t get to choose where we live if we are following a set career path. That trend might change a little bit if you are moving to North Carolina. There are plenty of professional opportunities everywhere in the state.

Reaching deep in the past, the state’s economy was once rooted in tobacco but times have certainly changed. If you aren’t familiar, there’s ample opportunity in tech, finance, and education. 

As an example, UNC Chapel Hill is the largest employer in the state so if you are looking for a career in education or coming to the state as a renter with getting in education in mind, you can’t go wrong anywhere in the state.  

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