Solar energy has emerged as one of the best renewable forms of energy in the world. There is much equipment that works perfectly with solar energy, and one of them is the solar water heater. Many solar companies are now producing this product and supplying it across the globe to solar energy lovers.

Commercial solar water heaters were legally allowed in California in 1891. It was installed in homes basically for domestic hot water systems. Since that year the use of this equipment has spread all over the world, and it has become a common thing to mention as the best alternative.

RV water heater provides efficient hot water supply for recreational vehicles, ensuring comfort during travel and outdoor adventures.

Some of The Companies Producing Solar Water Heaters

Seven Stars Solar water heaters

This is one of the best solar water heaters companies situated in Kenya. They produce brands of water heaters to suit both home and commercial use. The products of this company come in different sizes to meet consumers’ demand for a variety.

They have been supplying renewable energy for the last 30 years across the globe. It does its installation at a price that is fair to the clients, hence built trust. The company maintains its existence by evolving with technology.

It has well-built and updated technology for installing solar water heater systems for both home and commercial use. The company first tests its products to ensure that it suits the region. Their main aim is to test the most effective and resourceful products.

An example of a solar water heater

Seven stars solar water heaters is one of the best suppliers of solar water heater supplier in the  world. It cooperates with other companies to ensure the best has been delivered to their domestic and international customers. The company embraces technology and innovation. The solar heaters they made had a battery with a longer lifespan, and they provide power backup solutions.

How Solar Heaters Companies Operates

These companies have a systematic way of doing their operations. They receive orders from the clients and react to ensure the needs are met. The client purchases the product physically or online, and then it is delivered to him/her.

If there is a need for solar water heater installation, the company is responsible for that. Companies offer after-sale services depending on the terms and conditions.

Where Solar Heater Companies Are Located

Solar water heater companies in Kenya are now spread all over the country. This is because many people now prefer them as the best alternative to electricity. Their headquarters is located in Nairobi but they have sub-dealers located in major towns in the country

Challenges Facing These Companies

Like any other company, solar companies also face some challenges. They face stiff competition from other companies and a lack of trust in solar products by society.


If you are interested in solar water heaters, it is important to check the mentioned company and put the above information in mind. Look for quality over pricing. Remember cheap is expensive.


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