What You Should Carry In A Diaper Bag

A Guide For New Parents

It is an exciting time when you feel ready to take your new bundle of joy out into the world for the first time.

Whether it’s to the local park or to grandma’s house for tea, you will need to ensure that you have more than a couple of additional items in case your newborn runs into an accident. So, when you are planning a trip, you will need to make sure that you know exactly what to pack and the benefits of carrying some spare items for yourself too!

So, without further ado, here are some of the top items to have in your diaper bag at all times.


When asking ‘what should I carry in my diaper bag?’ the obvious answer is diapers!

You will need more than a spare diaper and depending on the length of the trip and your babies’ changing habits, you may need to pack as many as 10 diapers. Yes, you read that right! This will ensure that even if you return home with 9, you won’t have run out and can save them for the next trip.

If you are using reusable nappies, be sure to pack plenty of nappy shields, and, if you are going to a park for a picnic with disposable nappies, be sure to have some bags to put the nappies into. Don’t just throw them in the trash.


The aim of the diaper bag is to ensure that you have everything you need to change your baby, so the next most likely thing on the list that you will need is wet wipes. Aim to pack at least an entire pack, as this will ensure that your baby can be cleaned quickly. The wipes can also act as a makeshift flannel if your baby is eating, to keep their face and hands clean too.

Extra Outfits

It may sound odd to be packing extra baby outfits, but you will be surprised at how often you may need them.

This is related primarily to diapers failing and of course, the babies just getting messy, which can be more of an issue when they begin to eat solid foods. You will also want to pack extra booties when they are toddling, as their shoes may get wet or dirty, which can make them uncomfortable.

If you are going out on a hot day, make sure you also pack a sunhat to keep the sun off of their heads and faces.


Unless you are breastfeeding, you will need to pack bottles when you go out with your baby. Not to mention different kinds of bottles; a couple that have formula and one that has water, as well as a spare one just in case.  If you are not breastfeeding, you will also need to pack formula for the trip too, in case the baby drinks the bottle that is already prepared.

A Bib and Burp Cloth

When you are out and about with a newborn, you will undoubtedly need to feed them. This means that in your diaper bag, you will need to pack at least 3 bibs and a burp cloth. The bibs are important to keep the baby’s clothes clean during the feeding, and the burp cloth is a necessary tool to keep you clean when you are winding them afterward!

Non-Perishable Snacks

Many parents want their children to eat the healthiest food, which may seem contraindicated to non-perishables. But there are many baby food companies that offer long-lasting rusks, juices, and other snacks that you can give to your baby when you are out and about, which are usually sealed in bags. Of course, feel free to pack cooked snacks too, such as mushy carrots and fruits, but it is always best to be prepared and to have non-perishable snacks to fall back on in case your baby is very hungry.

Seasonal Items

When you are going out with your baby, or your toddler, you will need to dress them appropriately. However, you will also need to pack spare items to take out with you. Suppose it is summer; the best option will be to pack sunscreen and an extra sun hat in case the one they are wearing blows off. If it is winter, then you will need to pack some extra blankets, some extra mittens, and some extra ski hats. Once again, this is in case the mittens or hat that they are wearing get lost and will ensure that they remain warm and snugly.


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