What’s so hot about the Toyota Calya 2021?

In 2016, PT Toyota Astra Motor officially launched the Toyota Calya at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Motor Show 2016 (GIIAS). In just a few months after the show, Calya earned a third position in the top best-selling cars in Indonesia in the same year. This low cost 7-seat multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) has become a car to be enthusiastically welcomed by consumers, especially by young families. And with its 2020 facelift version, Toyota Calya has maintained in the top 10 best-selling cars in Indonesia until now.

But not only in Indonesia, in some other markets, Toyota Calya is also the best MPV in its segment. The reason not only lies in Toyota Calya’s competitive price but also in several advantages, from interior and exterior to performance and safety features. Although the Toyota Calya 2021 price does present a truly affordable price for an MPV, what the Calya has to offer goes beyond the definition of a low-cost car.

So what are the specific characteristics that make this Toyota MPV a sought-after vehicle recently? Let’s break down the attractiveness of Toyota Calya 2021 in this article!

Toyota Calya 2021 – Exterior

As a product out of the cooperation from Astra Daihatsu Motor and Toyota-Astra Motor, the latest Toyota Calya looks elegant and very modern. The car has a fascinating contemporary car concept with seven colours to choose from, including white, black, silver, grey, red, orange, and bronze.

The most prominent features in the appearance of the Toyota Calya 2021 are in the front design. The latest Calya car is updated with LED technology headlights with a pitiful design typical of MPV cars. In addition, the sizable Dark Chrome Element grille with three stripes, with the Toyota logo in the middle, creates a premium look for this car. The latest Calya also comes equipped with fog lights that have a slightly extended shape towards the headlights on the left and right sides of the front end. Meanwhile, the stoplight has an elbow shape that makes this car look more modern.

The side view of the Toyota Calya 2021 has a relatively simple design. The Toyota Calya latest version highlights the 14-inch wheel and the rearview mirror which can automatically retract, assisting the car is moving through narrow roads. Regarding the rear, Calya still has a single wiper to clean the rear glass regarding the car’s end. The decoration above the license plate holder of the Toyota Calya 2021 is made of a more elegant dark chrome material, with a new larger and longer size instead of the previous shiny chrome holder.

Overall, it’s the small and subtle details that make the Toyota Calya look attractive and dynamic.

Toyota Calya 2021 – Interior

Toyota Calya is designed with the spirit of “Partner in Times”, which means that this model is geared towards flexibility to best meet the needs of customers. Look at the interior of the latest Toyota Calya, and you can see that Toyota has tried to bring comfort to the driver and passengers in the car. This can be seen in the design concept, making this Toyota MPV look more fresh and modern.

The Toyota Calya 2021 dashboard has many layers. It combines two colours, Black and Dark Brown, creating an elegant and luxurious look. Besides, the cabin feels comfortable with a new steering wheel equipped with an audio control switch to help the driver control the sound more efficiently without losing focus while driving. In addition, a Head Unit in the centre of the dashboard has been equipped with a modern touch screen to display many menu options. This arrangement helps the driver and passengers efficiently manage the entertainment features of this car. Some compatible menus include DVD Player, USB, Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone Connect, and AUX features. In addition, the Under-Seat storage tray on the first row of passengers is also an interesting detail on the Toyota Calya 2021.

As an MPV of the Low-Cost Green Car (LCGC) category, practical features such as spacious cabin space are an advantage of Calya 2021. With a capacity of 7 people and quality seat materials, users can comfortably move in the car without feeling uncomfortable. The luggage space of the Toyota Calya 2021 is also quite ample. It can even hold three gallons and a backpack at the same time. If you need more space, you can also fold the third row of seats and get more luggage space. Therefore, Toyota Calya 2021 is very suitable for people who often have to move when carrying many different types of large and small equipment. Another exciting feature of the Calya is the door handle that makes it easier to open the trunk door.

Toyota Calya 2021 – Performance

Under the hood, this Toyota MPV employs a 3NR engine with a displacement of 1,197 CC and 4 cylinders. This in-line 4-cylinder engine uses DOHC Dual VVT-I technology to produce a maximum capacity of 88 HP at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 11 Kgm at 4,200 rpm. Users can choose to combine the above engine of Toyota Calya 2021 with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission. The performance of Toyota Calya is not too outstanding but suitable for many different Indonesian roads. In addition, Calya has a ground clearance of 180mm to help the car overcome many steep and rocky terrains.

As a Low Cost Green (LCGC) series model, the Toyota Calya 2021 is known for its fuel economy. The use of an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system provides fuel consumption ranked among the best in its class. Accordingly, Calya 2021 can travel more than 20km for 1Lof fuel on the highway based on data.

In terms of safety, this Toyota MPV has all the essential safety equipment. SRS Airbag feature and 3-point seat belts with Quantifier and Force Limiter in each car seat to maintain the safety of all passengers are available as a standard. In addition, the car also has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD) for maximum braking. At the same time, the rear parking sensor creates favourable conditions for parking operations. Ultimate security features include Immobilizer Key located on the car key and Anti-Theft System, protecting the vehicle from possible theft. Finally, the ISOFIX feature installs very safe seats for babies and toddlers that meet international standards. This feature can explain why the Calya 2021 is very suitable for use as a safe and comfortable family car.

Toyota Calya 2021 – Price

The Toyota Calya 2021 price is one of the most significant advantages of this multi-purpose vehicle. This strength has been mentioned many times before and is often used as the primary consideration for most SUV buyers.

Toyota Calya 2021 price starts from only IDR.146,190,000 (or £7,280). With such a low price, users can already enjoy a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly family car. Such an affordable price range is the main point that helps Calya capture potential users’ hearts.

Specifically, the details of the Toyota Calya 2021 price as listed by Toyota in the Indonesian market are as follows:

  • 1.2 E M/T STD: IDR.146.190.000 (or £7,280)
  • 1.2 E M/T: IDR. 148.990.000 (or £7,420)
  • 1.2 G M/T: IDR 155.290.000 (or £7,730)
  • 1.2 G A/T: IDR 167.490.000 (or £8,340)

Currently, Toyota Calya 2021 is not available in the UK market yet. If you are interested in the car, you can find out more at – a trusted news site about buying and selling cars in Indonesia.


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