What’s the Best Solar Power Inverter for an RV

An inverter is central to any solar application, whether it’s a home, business, boat, shed, or RV. But the power needs of your RV are going to be very different from the power needs of a residential home. So how can you ensure you’re purchasing a solar inverter that’s appropriate for the way you intend to use it? Keep reading to learn what the top 3 solar power inverters are for RVs.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy is one of the most reliable brands out there, and when you’re powering your RV through the inverter, reliability is key. The Victron Energy inverter charger is compact, yet powerful, with a maximum power capacity of 3,000 watts and current output of 120 amps. It also uses pure sine waves, which help appliances and equipment to run more efficiently. If this size isn’t sufficient for your needs, you can use it in parallel with up to 6 units.

While on the higher end of the price range for its power capacity, this unit’s reliability makes it worth the cost. Victron Energy also offers a long warranty period (5 years) in case anything goes wrong, so you have that added peace of mind.


AIMS has an inverter charger specifically designed for RV usage, and it’s available in both 3,000 and 6,000 watts. It has many included safety features, as well as a dedicated power-saving mode. This inverter will give you the most value for your money, but its warranty period is only one year, so if something goes wrong after that period, you’re likely stuck dealing with the issue on your own.


If you need an inverter on a budget, Renogy might be a good option for you. It has a lower output of only 2,000 watts, so you aren’t necessarily getting more value from the purchase, but it does have a lower upfront cost if you’re on a tight budget for your RV’s solar. It is well designed for use with solar panels and offers customizable performance. However, it’s not suitable for heavy-duty applications.


This is another highly affordable brand that creates inverters. It provides a continuous power capacity of up to 3,000 watts, as well as up to 9,000 watts of surge power capacity. It also works well with solar and is the cheapest option on this list. While not suitable for heavy-duty applications, it does have five different working modes to choose from to help it adapt to your usage, including an eco-mode for when you’re low on battery power.

If you’re looking for solar power inverters for your RV, these 4 are all excellent options.


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