What’s the matter of being sleepy in autumn?

In the fall, many people are sleepy every day and feel exhausted physically and mentally. You went to bed early every night, but you was still very sleepy during the day. Every day you go to work or study, your eyes are tired, and you can’t lift your eyelids. Many people have this kind of situation, because many people ask why they often get sleepy in autumn?

What’s wrong with being sleepy in autumn

   1. You have a cold

In the autumn, the temperature is lower in the morning and evening, and the temperature is higher in the daytime. Many people are easy to catch a cold because they don’t add or remove clothes in time. After a cold is induced, people become very sleepy and feel weak. In this regard, the editor reminds people that when drowsiness and weakness are accompanied by runny nose, sneezing, fever and other discomforts, they should be wary of catching a cold, getting sick, and seeing a doctor in time. In the current COVID-19 epidemic, special attention should be paid.

  2. Excessive seafood consumption

Many people like to eat seafood in life. It is good for the body to eat some properly and can supplement nutrients. But seafood is not too much. If you eat too much, people will feel drowsy. This is because seafood contains a substance that will be converted into a substance that inhibits the central nervous system after being ingested and digested by the body. Therefore, people who are often sleepy in autumn can try to reduce their seafood intake to see if their sleepiness is related to excessive seafood eating.

   3. Excessive tension

People will feel sleepy, which is actually caused by hypoxia in the brain. If people are in a state of tension for a long time, overloaded work or study, it is easy to cause excessive fatigue of brain cells and hypoxia. In this state, people will have symptoms such as drowsiness. Therefore, after the fall, office workers and students are most likely to become sleepy.

Being sleepy from time to time will not only delay work, but also delay study, and the whole body will become very heavy, which will cause great damage to the health of the body over time. For health, we need to think about improving sleepiness and discomfort.

What can help improve autumn difficulty

1. Insist on going to bed early

  1. Strengthen exercise
  2. Drink some coffee or tea

In addition, because there is tea in milk tea, drinking it can also help refresh and drive away sleepiness. But be careful not to drink too much, because milk tea is very high in calories, and it is easy to gain weight if you drink it regularly, which is not good for your health.


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