When is the Time for Appliance Repair – All the Signals that You Need to Know!

It’s not always easy to know when you need to call in an appliance repair professional. You might be tempted to try and fix the problem yourself, but more often than not this leads to further damage – and even more expense. Here are a few tips on how to tell if it’s time for repairs, and what you can do to make the process easier for everyone involved.


These are some of the main signals that tells you that your appliance needs a quick repair, and ignoring them could prove to be a costly mistake:

· Steam Leaks

Most of the time when you look for appliance repair services, leaks are the primary indicator that something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed or replaced. When you notice a puddle of water near your clothes dryer, that’s usually a good indication it’s time for professional assistance.

The same goes for water leaking from under your dishwasher when it’s in use, or steam wafting out of the vents in the front. All are telltale signs that there’s a problem with the heating elements inside, and it needs to be addressed by an appliance repair specialist before any damage can be done to other components.

· Strange Smells

It’s always a little nerve-wracking to smell something funny coming from your appliances, and you should never ignore it. Whether it’s an odd burning smell or a strange chemical one, the best thing to do is unplug the appliance and call for repairs immediately. This way you can prevent any serious damage from being done, and you can rest easy knowing there isn’t a fire raging inside the walls.

Sometimes you might smell something coming from your dishwasher or refrigerator that doesn’t really fit into any category. Perhaps you smell something burning, or it just doesn’t smell like an appliance at all. Either way, if the smell is particularly strong or unusual then call for repairs right away to be safe. Otherwise, you could harm your appliances and prolong their life expectancy.

· Motor Problems

Loud grinding noises or electrical sparking are usually an indication that something is wrong with your appliance’s motor. If you see sparks flying or notice that it’s suddenly not spinning, call for repairs right away.

These are signs that the motor is failing, and could lead to even bigger problems if not addressed in a timely manner. Plus, the longer you wait the less chance your appliance will have of surviving until its warranty runs out – or beyond.

· Electronic Problems

If buttons aren’t responding when you press them or you see error messages on your appliances’ screen, then it could mean that there isn’t a complete connection. This is usually the first sign of an electronic problem, and one you should never ignore. A few weeks down the road those errors might turn into black screens with nothing on them, and once that happens, you’ll need to contact a professional for repairs.

· Broken Light Bulbs

While this may not seem like the most glaring indication that you need appliance repair services, think again. If your clothes dryer light isn’t turning on or your oven lights aren’t coming on when they should, it could be because the bulb has gone out. The problem here is that the same electronic connection applies to lights as it does to buttons – and the longer you wait, the more likely it becomes that your appliance will be irreparable.

· Unusual Noises

If you hear a squeaking, grinding or whirring sound coming from your appliances it’s usually time to call for repairs. These are signs that the inner components of the appliance aren’t working as they should be, and there isn’t likely to be any way around making an appointment with an experienced professional. After all, you can’t un-break something that isn’t working the way it should be, so don’t try to force it.

Even if you hear something strange coming from your dishwasher or clothes dryer it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an appliance repair problem. Some sounds are simply normal, especially if you have an older appliance that’s more than ten years old or so. The best way to tell if it’s something worth worrying about is by the volume and frequency of the noise – louder noises could mean there’s a serious issue happening inside your machine.

· Unusual Water Temperature

If you notice that the water coming from your dishwasher or clothes washer is either running hotter or colder than usual then it could be a problem with how your appliance is heating up or cooling down its liquids. This has to do mainly with the tubing, and the only way to fix an issue like this is to call for repairs.

· Unusual Water Pressure

If you notice that when you run the dishwasher or clothes washer there’s an unusual amount of pressure coming out of the tap, then it could be a variety of things wrong with your appliance.

For example, if you don’t have enough water installed in the machine itself, or something is stuck inside the tubing, it could cause problems with water pressure. In this case you should call for repairs as soon as possible so that your appliance doesn’t have to work harder than it needs to.

· Water Leaking

This one is pretty self-explanatory – if you find that there is a great deal of water leaking from your appliance it could be time to call for repairs. In most cases this means there is a blockage in the tubing, and once again you should never try to fix something like this on your own because you could end up causing more harm than good.

Sometimes you might notice that there is water leakage coming from the appliance itself, which means it could be something to do with the wiring. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but in some appliances, this is a very common problem and it can be difficult to detect without proper equipment like a multimeter. This is also a good time to call for help because the longer you wait the more damage that could be caused to your appliances or nearby walls, floors and ceilings.

· Appliance Slow to Respond

If you notice that it takes a much longer time than usual for your appliance to do something then it’s possible there’s a problem with its internal components. In most cases appliances have only a few moving parts, which means if one of them is going out it can cause delays in everything from closing to opening and operating.

Calling Appliance Repair Services

When your appliances are showing any of above signals, it is time to call appliance repair services. Appliance repair professionals at Kelowna Pro Appliance are like mechanical wizards who mend all types of appliances to make them perform like brand new.

If you are looking for professional repair services to work on your AC, washing machine, oven or dryer; call these appliance repair experts for top notch repair service at amazing prices.


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