Where do I get the best Jenkins Certification Course?

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI & CD) are the crucial and integral parts of DevOps. It is because they are used to integrate multiple levels of the methodology. There are many CI/CD tools in the market, among which Jenkins – an open-source tool based on Java is a popular CI & CD tool. If you are a developer or a seasoned Jenkins administrator with a good resume, take the exam! 

The Jenkins certification would add much value to your resume and will accelerate your career growth. So you must find good Jenkins Training, prepare yourself, and get yourself certified. Well, the question that arises is where to find the best certification course, but worry not! Let us first understand everything about Jenkins, its advantages, scope, and then dive into the certification course. 

What is Jenkins?

An open-source server is written entirely in Java – Jenkins allows you to execute multiple actions to accomplish the CI process in an automated fashion. The continuous integration server runs in servlet containers (for example, Apache Tomcat). Jenkins allows CI and CD in software delivery by making test, build, and deployment parts automated. This makes it very simple for the developers to work continuously on the advancement of the product by integrating the replacements and changes in the project. 

Jenkin helps automate the software builds consistently and allows the developers to spot the errors at an early stage. The prime factor behind the popularity of Jenkins is its strong community. It’s not just extensible but also has a flourishing plugin ecosystem. To understand it in-depth, you can get Jenkins training and accelerate your career growth.

Uses of Jenkins Java-based

Given below are a few possible steps that can be performed using Jenkins : 

  • Used for building Software – Can use build systems like Maven, Gradle, and more. 
  • Used for Automation Testing – Can use test frameworks such as PyTest, Nose2, Selenium, Robot, and more. 
  • Used for executing test scripts – Can use Linux shell, Windows terminal, etc. 
  • Used to achieve test results and perform actions such as printing test reports and other post-performing actions. 
  • Used for executing test scenarios against various input combinations for achieving improved coverage of the test. 
  • Use for CI (Continuous Integration), where the artifacts are created and tested automatically. This helps in identifying the issues in the product at the development’s early stage. 

Features of Jenkins 

Jenkins is not a UI-driven tool but more functionality-driven, and hence there is a learning curve to understand Jenkins. Understanding the below features of Jenkins is essential for the developers.

  1. Easy Installation and Configuration of Jenkins: Jenkins is a Java-based self-contained program. Jenkins is available for all the widely used operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and various flavors of Unix. It is known as a .war file and also as a standard installer. On installing, even configuring it is a simple task that is done using its web interface. 
  2. Jenkins is Open Source: Since Jenkins is open-source, it is free to use for all its users. The Jenkins community has a strong involvement which makes it a famous and influential CI and CD tool. Whether it’s for support, documentation, extensibility, or any other feature related to Jenkins, you can always take help from the Jenkins community. 
  3. Jenkins has a thriving plugin system: The Jenkins community is the backbone of Jenkins, and the community members are very instrumental in development and testing. There are around 1500+ plugins available in the Jenkins update center. 
  4. Easy Distribution of Jenkins: The design of Jenkins is in such a way that makes it very easy to distribute the work across various platforms and multiple machines for accelerated testing, building, and deployment. 

About Jenkins Certification

Having a Jenkins certification adds a highly professional-grade certification to your resume, which certifies that an individual has the right experience and all the skills required to leverage the Jenkins programming language. Jenkins certification consists of Certified Jenkins Platform Engineer (CJPE) and Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE). These certifications will recognize you as an expert in working on the computer programming language and working on it with integrity and expertise. 

Jenkins is one of the preeminent open-source automation servers. It offers several plugins to users for supporting the process of deploying, building, and applying automation in the software development project. Though Jenkins is easy to install and configure, it still requires a high level of expertise for building and integrating the servers for the automation tasks. And hence, it is constantly prescribed to take up a Jenkins training course and build your foundational knowledge of Jenkins and slowly move forward with hands-on practice working with Jenkins. 

CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course 

This course by Simplilearn is the solution to your question – “Where do I get the Best Jenkins Certification Course?”. The CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course is a Jenkins Training course that will help you learn continuous integration, server automation, build pipelines and configuration tools, code quality improvement, automated testing, and distributed systems through hands-on and intensive practice assignments. 

This course will teach you the fundamental concepts of Jenkins, implement and deploy codes continually in a DevOps environment. With this Jenkins Training, you will also learn to integrate automated tests to verify the build pipelines and set up the code quality reporting. 

Skills covered in the Jenkins training by Simplilearn: 

  • Jenkins
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous deployment
  • TeamCity
  • Bamboo
  • Build pipelines
  • Automated testing
  • Code quality improvement
  • Distributed build architecture

Eligibility for this training course: Any individual interested in learning Jenkins will benefit from this Jenkins training cum certification course. This course is well suited for: Freshers, Software engineers, software developers, technical leads, test engineers, and system administrators. 

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites to take part in the Jenkins Certification and Training course

Bottom Line

We have carefully understood Jenkins in detail and got to know about Jenkins certification along with the best Jenkins training online.


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