Where to Buy Testosterone in Canada — the Guide

We hope that you thought not twice but three times before deciding to take steroids and just do not know where to buy testosterone in canada. Well, that’s a good question because it is normal not to be sure whether it is legal or not. Today we will remind you what testosterone is, where it is used and a lot more, so after reading this article, think for the fourth time. 

What Is Testosterone and How It Works

The first mention of sex hormones was the work of Adolf Berthold. Back in 1849, it was suggested that the extract of the seminal glands contains very active substances. Of course, then their structure remained unclear. Forty years later, his research received brief support from Harvard professor Brown-Séquard. At a meeting of the Paris Biological Society, he reported on the experiment’s results on himself. Here you can strain your imagination a little. The professor was already 72 years old and, feeling increased efficiency, muscle strength, and sexual activity, he declared about the “rejuvenating effect.” Many people were eager to experience this accumulated, but, alas, the effect did not last long and came to naught, and often after a while, there was a deterioration. As a result, work in this direction was suspended for a long time. I guess you already get what happened – these were lack of post-cycle therapy effects because his natural testosterone was suppressed. 

But we are more interested in the other type of testosterone. Endogenous testosterone is a hormone that the body produces on its own from cholesterol. This differs from the exogenous one that comes from the outside when taking hormonal drugs or special nutrition. Endogenous testosterone in the absence of hormone intake from external sources can be called general. In the body, it can exist both in a free and in a bound state. If its levels are normal – congratulation – you are a normal human, your body works properly, you are happy, have no problem with sex, and enjoy your life. However, everything changes if its levels are higher or lower than the normal level… where to get testosterone online.

Testosterone In Bodybuilding

A synthetic kind of testosterone is used in bodybuilding to enhance performance results. Some use it to gain fast results from training, some because he or she is already in despair, working in the gym 24/7 and gaining nothing. And other can use it because the doctor said so because there is a lack of natural testosterone in the body, causing libido troubles. This does not answer the question of where to buy testosterone in canada, but we`ll get there eventually. So, in sports, it gives you big, strong muscles, nice pumps, fat loss, and even mental improvement (however, if you abuse it too much, it can turn against you giving you mood swings or uncontrolled rage).

Testosterone Side Effects 

We discussed the case when there is more testosterone than needed. But what about the case when it is low? This is also a bad sign. Low testosterone levels are observed after synthetic test cycles because, during the cycle, your body relaxes a bit. It has a lot of testosterone without doing anything, but then the freebie stops abruptly. Months can pass before the body restores normal functioning itself. That’s why to counter such effects as libido and testicles problems; you need post-cycle therapy, which will help your body to get back on track. You should also be very careful with your heart because steroids can cause high blood pressure due to an increase in the number of red blood cells.   


Finally, we are getting closer to solving the problem and answering the question of where to buy testosterone in canada. This part actually partly answers it. In Canada, like in many countries, it is really a hard task – buying testosterone. This is because of the dummies who abused it, cheated during competitions, or even died because of the overdose (not only testosterone but trained too much and gained a heart attack). So, in Canada, you need a prescription to get any anabolic steroid. This is a really good thing, so you will be sure to gain only testosterone benefits avoiding its side effects under the guidance of a good doctor.

Where to Buy Testosterone in Canada 

We can congratulate you if you read up to this point. You will finally know where to buy testosterone in canada. Long story short, in any drugstore, if you do everything right and have a prescription or in online shops, there are some risks, and you don’t really know what substance you are buying. You know that there are a lot of scammers nowadays, so pay attention to the price of the substance you are buying. Steroids are not cheap, and there are no crazy discounts on them. However, both ways are legal.


Buying testosterone is not an easy task. You need to be observed by a professional doctor, and he needs to decide whether you need testosterone or not and give you a prescription. If you decide to use it in sports, don’t use it to gain dishonest victory in a competition. Eat healthily, train a lot and talk to your doctor. 


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