Which Animal Figures Can Bring You Luck in a Casino Game?

In different cultures, there are various animals that individuals believe attract luck and prosperity. Gamblers may use animal figurines or even part of an animal, like a rabbit’s foot, to bring them luck. They may also see the animal symbols in slot machines as lucky. Symbols of animals commonly appear in slot machine games due to their connection with good fortune.


Gamblers may take a rabbit’s foot to a casino to bring them luck. Rabbits are creatures known for their fertility. They are also associated with new beginnings. It’s not surprising that they are one of the symbols associated with good luck in a casino.

Now that many gamblers choose to gamble online, slot machines using rabbit symbols may be popular. Players can play online slot machines using their mobile phones and betPARX apps in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Their money may grow as rapidly as rabbits can multiply if they hit the jackpot.


In many cultures, from Egypt to China and Japan, frogs are symbols of luck, prosperity, and fertility. Frogs undergo metamorphosis and keep adapting as a species to survive. They are linked to spring, rain, and the earth, which symbolize growth. In some cultures, when frogs appear, it’s a sign that rain will come, and the crops will benefit.

A three-legged money frog, also called the Feng Shui frog, is a popular symbol of luck. When playing online poker or roulette, gamblers may keep a frog figurine close at hand to help them win real money.


Goldfish are a type of carp kept in tanks and ponds. In Chinese culture, these fish bring abundance. They not only reproduce themselves in vast quantities but are gold in color which connects them to wealth. Having goldfish around while making bets online may bring luck and attract wealth.

A feng shui aquarium containing these vibrant, hardy fish can attract positive, abundant energy to the indoor space where gamblers choose to play online games. This can be any space other than a kitchen or bedroom. The lucky number for the fish in the aquarium is nine, as this is an auspicious number for abundance.


Black cats may be associated with bad luck in some cultures but they are a popular symbol of good fortune and wealth in Asian cultures. In Japanese culture, there are many figurines of cats (Fortune Cats) with raised paws. Multiple online slots have a Fortune Cat theme, and those who believe in luck from cats will enjoy playing them.

In Asian cultures, keeping black cats safe and well cared for means they will ward off evil spirits and bring wealth to a household.


In some cultures, pigs are believed to be unclean animals. In others, like the Chinese culture, they can be a symbol of luck and wealth. Pigs are the 12th symbol in the Chinese zodiac. If farmers had pigs, they always had a source of food and a way to feed their families. Pigs are used to hunt truffles, and due to their biological similarities to humans, scientists use them to develop medicines.

Feeding a piggy bank with coins is a symbol of saving and financial wisdom. Having a piggy bank close to you when playing at an online casino may just bring you the good fortune you need.

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