Which Clothing Items Can Be Donated to Goodwill?

Clothing donation to Goodwill is a great way to have clothing items appreciated by people who need them most. When deliberating on what clothing items to donate to Goodwill, understand what clothing items may and may not be accepted. Here are different clothing items that can be donated to Goodwill:


T-shirts are comfortable and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether it’s a plain white tee or an extra-large graphic T-shirt, Goodwill can put it to good use. Always confirm that your T-shirt donation is still in good condition without rips or stains before dropping it off at your local Goodwill store.


You can donate any type of jeans, from skinny jeans to bootcut jeans. Many people rely on thrift stores like Goodwill for affordable denim options. The jeans you donate need to be in good condition. Avoid donating overly won jeans. You can also donate pant-length options as well as shorts.


Jackets are always in high demand at thrift stores like Goodwill. From light jackets and hoodies to heavy winter coats, there is no limitation on jackets you can donate during colder months of the year. Before donating a jacket, confirm that all zippers work properly and that no major stains or tears are on them.

Athletic Wear

Gently used athletic wear such as sweatpants, hoodies, and shorts are always accepted at Goodwill. Many people use these items to add to their workout apparel or may want to avoid spending too much on items they don’t use as often.


Dresses can be donated for special occasions such as weddings or proms and can also be used for more casual events like going out with friends or family gatherings. Donating dresses is a great way to help someone feel confident in their skin and look their best on various occasions.


Sweaters are perfect for keeping warm during winter and can be used as fashionable pieces when layered with other clothing items. Donating sweaters is also an excellent way of helping people save money on buying a new winter wardrobe every year.

How To Prepare Clothing Items for Donation

Wash and Dry the Clothes

Confirm that all clothing donation items are clean and free of dirt or dust. Wash and dry each item thoroughly before donation. Remember to turn each item inside out before washing and drying as well. This can help preserve the fabric longer.

Check for Tears and Stains

If there are any tears and stains, try spot-treating them with a stain remover or mending them if possible. Donated clothes should be in usable condition. While slight wear is ok, items with too much wear and tear should be thrown away or recycled. Clothes that are stain free and in good condition can be put to better use by buyers.

Sort the Clothes By Category

Try sorting items by category and putting all similar items together. Have all pants together and shirts separately. Put each category in its own box or bag. This makes it easy to handle them once they reach their destination. Volunteers or employees at donation centers or thrift stores can more easily sort through your donations later on.

Label the Bags or Boxes

Label each box or bag with its contents, as this can save time when attendants look through donations. They can confirm that clothes go to the right spot. You can write directly on the bag or box or attach a piece of paper or tape describing what’s inside.

Deliver the Clothes to Goodwill

Take your donations directly to Goodwill instead of leaving them outside their store doors. This helps prevent donations from being stolen or damaged from exposure to the elements. Most Goodwill stores have convenient operating hours. Check their website for details before making the trip with your donations.

Give Back with Your Clothing Donation to Goodwill

Goodwill offers a unique opportunity for everyone to give back to their local community. Clothing donation makes an enormous difference to those who are most in need. Donating items not only helps out those in need but also aids Goodwill in its mission of reducing what goes into landfills. Contact your local store to see what they need the most.


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