Which Sunglasses Are Best for Fishing?

Fishing is an excellent way to spend time outdoors, on your own or with your friends. Few things ruin a day fishing like severe sun glare. Find out how women’s or mens polarized sunglasses keep you comfortable on the lake, off the shore or in a stream.

How Polarized Sunglasses Can Protect You From Sun Glare

The sun produces powerful UV rays that can damage your eyes. Another issue that is common when spending time outdoors is sun glare. This occurs when sunlight reflects off surfaces, especially water or metal.

Glare is uncomfortably bright and causes you to squint, which can lead to eyestrain, headaches and a ruined fishing trip. Instead of spending your time trying to avoid looking at the water, pick up a pair of polarized sunglasses for women or men.

These lenses use a coating that reduces the level of light from horizontal rays. This type of light is usually produced from reflections off the water, boats or other surfaces, so polarized eyewear offers protection than normal sunglasses don’t.

How To Protect Against UV Rays

Glare is only part of the problem, so don’t purchase the first pair of polarized lenses you can find. Fishing leaves you exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, which increases your UV ray exposure. Over time, this increases your risk of macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye damage.

Fight back against both UV rays and glare with polarized sunglasses with UV protection. These are two separate eyewear features, but can be combined for a great fishing accessory. Don’t assume your sunglasses have both features, but be sure to shop for highly rated options that offer optimal eye protection.

Why an Avid Fishermen Should Invest in Polarized Sunglasses

Fishing is a challenging and rewarding pastime, but catching a big one shouldn’t come at the expense of eye health. Sunglasses can help you look cool, but they also protect your eyes and improve your vision as you scope out your next fishing spot.

If you’re headed off-shore in the middle of a large lake or out in the ocean, look for sunglasses with a darker lens and heavy mirror. There’s usually severe reflections when you’re surrounded by water. Make sure your eyes have the right protection as you spend the day on a fishing charter or your own boat.

In-shore experiences don’t require as heavy of a mirror or darkening. You still want polarized, UV-protected lenses, but you can explore gray, green, copper and light blue lens options. Lighter lenses don’t filter out as much light, so they’re useful as you move from shaded spots to sunny bends in rivers, streams and ponds.

How To Make the Most of Your Next Fishing Trip

Create an unforgettable experience and keep your eyes safe while you’re enjoying the water. From an ocean excursion to your local fishing pond, make memories on your next fishing expedition. Shop online for stylish sunglasses that keep you cool and protected at the same time. Find specialized options for your fishing trip or go for a more flexible pair that protects your eyes wherever you go.

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