Which Wardrobe Design Is Best for Me?

There are numerous wardrobe designs for bedroom spaces. Selection boils down to personal preference, but first, it’s essential to know the options available. As you look for the best wardrobe design, consider the pros and cons of each option.

Hinged Wardrobes

The hinged wardrobes are a classic style featuring swinging closet doors. They are great for medium-sized to large bedroom spaces which have enough room for the swinging doors.

One of the pros of the closet is the ability to get a full view of all storage compartments when the doors are open. As a result, locating what you need is easy. Moreover, the hinged doors can accommodate additional accessories like hanging hooks and mirrors.

The only downside of the hinged closet is the swinging doors that take up usable floor space. Consequently, the wardrobe is not ideal for small spaces.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding doors are a contemporary style for closets. The design features a metal rail that guides the door panels on a horizontal plane. The doors are easy to manoeuvre and have a minimalistic design.

The wardrobe design is sturdy due to the heavy-duty metal rails and absence of hinges. The design also enhances the overall interior aesthetics of a room by giving a contemporary feel. Moreover, the lack of the swinging door function saves space, making the closet an excellent choice for smaller rooms.

Unfortunately, sliding door wardrobes offer limited access to the storage compartments. For example, you can’t get a full view of the closet when the doors are open since two adjacent panels can’t fully open at once. Moreover, the guide rails often require lubrication to maintain optimal function.

Free-standing Wardrobes

If you frequently move house or enjoy modifying the layout of your bedroom space, a free-standing wardrobe is a great choice. The wardrobe comes as a standalone unit that occupies any area of the room.

The wardrobe is great for spaces that lack fitted closets. Moreover, high ceiling rooms have the advantage of turning the top of the closet into an extra storage space.

Free-standing wardrobes come in myriad designs and can blend into any interior space. There are both contemporary and traditional designs available for the closet.

Since free-standing wardrobes are added to existing spaces, your choices are limited by the room’s dimensions. Moreover, the closet limits your selection of additional bedroom furniture pieces due to space and style.

Walk-in Wardrobes

A great wardrobe option for large bedroom spaces is the walk-in wardrobe. It’s a massive storage unit that can accommodate several compartments and a wide variety of fittings.

The walk-in wardrobe works well for large bedroom spaces like the master ensuite. The closet features his and hers closet spaces with shoe racks and other custom compartments. Moreover, the wardrobe can fit a dresser with a full-sized mirror.

The only downside to a walk-in wardrobe is the space requirements. The closet can’t fit in small rooms, and it’s often included in the room’s architectural design.

Custom Wardrobes

There are wardrobe designs that don’t fit into conventional categories. Custom wardrobes often combine features from the different closets to make unique storage units.

Custom wardrobes are great for meeting the unique needs of individual users. Anything you desire can be fitted into your custom closet. Whether it’s hanging hooks, custom shoe racks or dressing mirrors, all you need is an excellent carpenter to get the fitting installed.

Once you assess the pros and cons of each wardrobe, it’s easy to decide which closet works for you. Make your choice today and get a wardrobe.


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