Why Business Owners Do Not Want to Work with 3PL Brokers?

Modern business owners may explore a wide range of available logistics options these days. It’s up to them to decide whether they want just to hire a carrier or entrust the whole transportation process to 3PL partners. If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for effective freight forwarding solutions for your company, you have to take into account the information given below.

You may be surprised to get to know that lots of business owners tend to get rid of the necessity to cooperate with 3PL brokers. Why? Let’s figure it out. First of all, it’s necessary to clarify what freight delivery services you may get from 3PL partners. In a few words, they can do everything for you – from renting proper trucks to purchasing the best insurance plan. It sounds so cool. No wonder, it’s strange that business owners often do not want to cooperate with such firms. The most common reasons why it happens are the following:

  • Prices.

Of course, it’s much cheaper to hire only a carrier and deal with all other points on your own. You have to pay only for the very transportation from one place to another. Yet, when you hire a 3PL broker, you pay for the preparation of the documents, finding the best routes, renting warehousing facilities, etc. The list of aspects you have to pay for is rather long. No wonder, the final bill will be shocking.

  • Speed.

Sometimes it seems that brokers spend too much time. Yet, it’s necessary to understand how complex the transportation process is. It encompasses lots of steps and details. If you think you can cope with all the tasks on your own without proper skills and experience, you are wrong. In order to get the needed items on time, it’s better to hire brokers in advance. Moreover, it’s not always possible to avoid delays due to a wide spectrum of reasons. Car crashes and bad weather conditions often lead to the impossibility to deliver cargo on time.

  • Available services.

The number of expedited trucking companies and freight forwarders is increasing day after day. They tend to attract as many customers as possible. The most effective way to do this is to provide unusual options. Yet, at the same time, it may appear you can’t order the services you actually need. It may become a real challenge to find containers or trailers for non-standard items. Moreover, there is always a lack of truck – refrigerators.

  • Ratings.

The next reason why some entrepreneurs are disappointed with 3PL partners is a lack of proper information. When looking for proper forwarders, people tend to use online services or chats. Not all the reviews you find on the Internet are correct. No wonder, users are often disappointed with the results. Thus, it’s obligatory to work only with reliable and trustworthy sources of information.

To conclude, it’s worth mentioning that different companies have different logistics needs. For some firms, it’s rather profitable and convenient to work with 3PL brokers while others will benefit from the cooperation with simple freight forwarders.


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