Why Consider Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is still the material of choice when shipping goods, even in 2021. While at first glance they might not seem like a high-tech material, corrugated cardboard has been engineered to work well when transporting items.

You might be asking yourself why this has been the case and trying to understand why this is the best material to use when shipping your items. This guide is going to help you know more about corrugated cardboard, including the properties making it the best for delivery packaging.

Corrugated boxes are good for shipping and handling because they offer a lot of strength and protection for different types of products. Cartons made from corrugated cardboard are good because they are going to withstand long shipping times. This makes it a good option when packaging and shipping your items.

Properties of Corrugated Cardboard

There are many reasons why most people choose corrugated cardboard when they are shipping goods, from their sustainability to cost-effectiveness and protective qualities.

Protection of Goods

The main reason why many companies choose this material for their shipping is the protection that corrugated cardboard has. Even if it is the single wall boxes, it can shield the contents to an extent, don’t let their thin appearance fool you.

There are two out layers of linerboard on each wall, which sandwiches the inner layer made of fluted, corrugated sheet. The work of the outer layer is to give some rigidity, while the central section provides cushioning, which is going to protect the items inside if the box is crushed or bashed.

Verde Trader single wall boxes usually provide a reasonable level of protection when it experiences impact, which is enough to prevent non-delicate items from damage when shipping or transporting. If you are dealing with fragile goods, then it is important to invest in additional protection, which should be provided by the double wall cardboard boxes. These have an extra corrugated sheet and linerboard layer. This is going to provide more support for your products.


Another benefit of corrugated cardboard is its cost-effectiveness. This material is very affordable and is within the price range of most companies that want to ship, especially when they choose to buy it in bulk.

The cost-saving doesn’t end there. The multi-layered design used makes it possible for the carton to withstand the same pressure other materials withstand, without having to weigh the same as the other options. Using lightweight corrugated cardboard boxes is going to lower your shipping costs.

Sustainable Packaging

This is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials in the market. Boxes that are made from this material can be easily folded and stored away, and this makes it easier for the recipient to reuse the box.

If you have cardboard boxes you aren’t using anymore, then it is a good idea to recycle them. They are widely recycled, and this is going to reduce the environmental impact it has. Recycling cardboard makes it an eco-friendly product.


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